Saratoga Springs Villa or Old Key West Villa?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by BensWife, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Jul 8, 2010
    We are a group of 7 (me, DH, DS(6), DS(3), my parents and my brother). We would like to stay in a 2 bedroom villa so we can all stay together. When looking at price, both SSR and OKW are the same price. EXACTLY the same - to the penny (not DVC, just paying guests). Having only been to WDW once about 18 years ago (and then in college, not married, with no kids) I have no idea which one would be better. What are the dining differences between the 2 (we won't be on a plan)? How about buses - one better than the other since we won't have a car? Are the pools better at one? Stuff like that. We would like something more themed for the kids, but that isn't a huge deal. Any info that could help us make up our minds would be wonderful. They both look so wonderful that it is making it really hard to decide. Thanks so much!
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    OKW will always have two queen beds in the second bedroom. Plus it will have a twin sized sleeper chair in the living room along with the queen sized sleeper sofa. SSR will not have the sleeper chair in the living room and you might get a lockoff that will mean one queen bed and one double sleeper sofa in the second bedroom.

    SSR has three themed pools and one unthemed pool. OKW has one themed pool and three unthemed pool.

    SSR is a short walk to DTD. OKW, you can walk to DTD, but it is unlit at night and is about 0.8 miles. You can take a boat or a bus from both resorts to DTD.

    To the theme parks, you will always take buses and they buses will be dedicated to those resorts (specific OKW and SSR buses).

    OKW has the largest villas of all the DVC resorts at WDW. It was the first DVC resort. That said, only three buildings have elevators. All the others require you to take the stairs to the upper floors.
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    You might want to post this on the DVC boards and read the DVC boards related to both resorts. We stayed at both OKW and SSR (well technically the Treehouse Villas at SSR) in October and really enjoyed both. We did have a car and were thankful for it since everything is so spread out, but you can certainly make do without one. Here's my take on both resorts:

    -Rooms are huge, and you'd have the sleeper chair (that's a big deal for us since we have two kids who can't sleep together)
    -Quick service is basically just a little walk up near the pool, only outside seating
    -Olivia's restaurant is open all day- we ate both breakfast and lunch there and enjoyed both meals
    -The main pool is tons of fun, plus there's a big area nearby where the kids can play in the sand
    -We stayed in the Turtle Pond area and we didn't use it, but the pool there seemed nice as well

    -No sleeper chair
    -Larger quick service restaurant with inside seating, quick service at Paddock Pool also
    -Turf Club restaurant is only open for dinner
    -Paddock Pool is gated and lots of fun, Springs Pool is larger (and colder)

    Personally although we own at SSR, I really like the feeling of OKW. I am sure you will be happy with either one! You might want to consider renting points instead of going directly through Disney.
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    I am not going to repeat everything pps said just add some and briefly go over some things.

    I have stayed at both resorts twice and like them very much.

    SSR has better pools. There are two great pools with slides. (Paddock and Springs) There are about 5 pools in total.OKW has a good pool with a nice slide.

    SSR has better QS option while OKW is limited
    both have boat to DTD which is really handy and a nice ride
    OKW has bigger rooms (all levels) then SSR.

    Overall I enjoy SSR more for the amenities - but OKW does have the better rooms.

    -FantasiaMagic princess:
  5. nursie

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    Jun 17, 2012
    Stayed at OKW for 3 weeks last Sept., never felt cramped or crowded. Almost 1400 sf of room.
    Family of 8 of us, 6 children ages 4-16 enjoyed our large room, big patio, etc.
    I have not stayed at SSR, it looks lovely but pics make it look smaller.
    If you are looking for a peaceful, beautiful, relaxing break from all the action then OKW is for you. We never heard our neighbors altho with all my children they probably heard us, ;)
    Sounds like either one would be great for your family.

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