Sainsburys bans sale of fireworks - what ya think?


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May 29, 2015
Hi all my lovely UK Disers!

Its been a while since I posted! But I wanted to get everyones thoughts on the ban of fireworks from Sainsburys stores. I for one love fireworks in the back garden at new years or 5th Nov, but I've been luck my pets (cats and dogs) have never been bothered about them in the slightest. Is banning the sale of them really the best thing?

Love to hear some thoughts!


Sep 20, 2018
Obviously, fireworks are spectacular to watch and create a party atmosphere, but I wouldn't be sad to see a widespread ban, even for organised displays and even at Disney. Your animals might be OK but animals in my family certainly aren't! Owners dread November 5th, and due to idiots the four weeks leading up to that too. Just think...why are there no firewoks in Animal Kingdom? And it's not only animals consideration - it's a problem to residents too, especially when you've got fireworks going off for weeks and after sensible times, plus releasing chemicals into the atmosphere and debris afterwards. It just doesn't make sense and is very irresponsible when thought of in those terms, just for a bit of hedonistic pleasure.

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May 2, 2004
Best thing ever! Not only for the animals, but also for people with autisim that cant stand loud noises. We also have the idiots who thinks its funny to let them off in the streets and parks inocrrectly so they whizz across the floor just to frighten people.
If it was only 1 night a year, maybe 2 (new year) etc then that would be fine, but we all know its not. They start selling them weeks before and its weeks before and after that they continue to go off, every single night. I personally would like organised displays only on a particular night where we can be prepared with our pets and hopefully stop them going off every night for weeks. Well done Sainsburys, I hope next year many many more supermarkets follow.


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Jul 15, 2004
I think its good but feel Sainsburys should also admit fireworks aren't really profitable and that is also behind their decision as they are having to make cuts to improve profits. Obviously shops are only licenced to sell during a set period before Bonfire night & New year, so short window to sell, They also cannot be returned so any left over have to be stored for the following year or got rid of some other way.

It will be interesting to see if others follow suit next year.


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Jul 1, 2016
We used to have fireworks in the garden on Bonfire Night, and it made special memories for me, but I still don't think Sainsbury banning them is a bad thing. So many reasons, pets. kids and adults with ASD / SPD. Dangerous unregulated use etc...


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Oct 7, 2005
I have cats but understand people want to use fireworks for halloween and Christmas and new year. Having said that fireworks 7 days a week for a month is a bit much just have it on halloween and bonfire night and Christmas and new year not for weeks.


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