S/O Have you ever accidentally seen someone else naked?


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Jun 17, 2017
Immediate family members don't count.

I'm sure that I must have, but I actually can't think of a single incident right now.

But I know some of you must have some stories.
Twice, in the check in area for a Disney cruise at Port Canaveral a lady dropped a bottle of wine and then when trying to gather had her top slide down to expose herself. Second one was frisky seat mates next to me on a flight, he was very hands on and things became exposed, very uncomfortable 2.5 hours.

2 other moms and I would walk at night after kids went to bed. We would do a few laps and gossip. One night as we were walking I glanced to my left and saw a neighbor coming down his steps in his birthday suit. I stopped stunned, mouth hanging open and the other 2 turned to look...we decided that was our last lap of the night. We still laugh every time we start our walks...
Unless I’m blocking something the only time I’ve seen true strangers naked has been been at the pool showers. They weren’t hiding so I don’t know if that counts.
In a hotel room in New York we had a window that looked into another room’s window (and theirs looked straight into our bathroom which was awkward), which we discovered when we opened the curtains to a fat, naked male’s backside. Our other window had a view of the marquee to the St James Theatre, so both windows had a view of ‘Something Rotten’!

I had a very pretty young single-mom neighbor across the street. From my garage I could see through an upstairs bedroom window, across the hall to a bathroom mirror that reflected the occupant getting out of the shower. One night I saw her topless.

Took damn near 3 years.
In college, walked over to my window and saw some girls sunbathing topless. They waved to me a few minutes later after they noticed a strange man peering in. I waved back.
DH and I had just pulled up to my sister's house and were walking behind my nephew and his girlfriend who had also just arrived. Nephew's girlfriend,who for some reason thought that wearing a skirt that BARELY went down past her rear end was stylish (she wears it every time we see her, it seems like!). She sneezed and bent slightly forward, which was far enough for her skirt to go WAY up and show us not only her orange thong but everything else as well.

DH was like "What the heck just happened!" She was 19, but he still felt like he did something wrong just by witnessing it lol

I told my sister that if she ever had to opportunity and the time was right, she might want to pass on a PSA to the girl that she might want to invest in a big girl skirt and throw the tween version away. :rolleyes1:rotfl2:
I walked in on a coworker in the bathroom. She forgot to lock the door. I felt so embarrassed.
I was at Disneyland back on '02. My girls were 4,7,10 yrs. We made it back to our hotel and got all ready for bed when the fireworks were just starting. We were able to watch from our window. My girls were like "meh, we're done" and went back to bed. Just as they turn around a man comes stumbling out of his hotel room stark naked looking around like he thought bombs were going off. Poor guy was so confused. My take away? Never sleep naked in a hotel room cuz you never know what's gonna go down :)


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