runDisney TA Reservation- cancel room lose bib?


Earning My Ears
Mar 30, 2019
I used a TA to register for the PHM Challenge this year. I was told it would be a great idea and now I completely regret it. (I typically book my room separate from my bibs.) Last year, I did use the same TA to score a sold out 5K bib at the last minute without having to purchase a ticket or room. My concern is this- my travel party has changed and we want to stay on property, but at a different resort. The TA is telling me our first choice resort is fully booked, even though it has availability showing online. Our second choice resort will be $60 cheaper per night if booked directly. I have already paid the TA and linked my bib in my runDisney account. I feel like the TA could be more helpful. If I cancel the resort reservation with the TA will the TA be able to cancel my bib registration if I have already submitted my info to runDisney? TIA


DIS Veteran
Jun 14, 2006
Everything that I have seen says "cancel reservation, lose bib". That said, I don't understand why the TA is giving you different resort availability, unless it relates to rate, e.g. it may be "fully booked" at a group rate, but available at rack rate. I would call again and ask specifically about what rates may be available for the resorts you want.


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