Rumors of Disney sale to Apple coming around again


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Jun 22, 2012
I hope not. I like both, but I like them separate. Plus, I just don't know if Apple knows how to do any of Disney's businesses. They have only just gotten into media/streaming but are doing a pretty good job. It might fix Disney's IT though. People think MB+ is expensive; just wait for the apple watch replacement.


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Mar 10, 2019
Just think of the possibilities...

- iDisneyExperience and iMagicBand incoming. Also - iMagicBands will only work with iOS but will have an integrated AirTag so if you lose it you can find it.
- Customer service will be available by appointment only as the "Mickey Bar" in person or available via iMessage. Cast Members will now be called "Disney Geniuses".
- Rides will go back to being pay per and tickets to each ride will be sold through the Apple App Store only, there will be an In App purchase for a bundle of 1 ticket to each ride per day. Discounts for buying 5 days and BEST DEAL an even bigger discount for buying 10 days. (If you've ever looked at in app purchases for games, you'll know what I mean lol).
- Apple Pay will be the only payment method allowed in the parks, but if you have the Apple Card you'll earn 3% back on all purchases.
- Lines will be a thing of the past - your place in the queue will be virtual, available through iDisneyExperience on your phone
- All parks will offer multiple languages on rides exclusively available using Apple Airpods.
- With the release of Apple's iGlasses, rides will begin to use Augmented reality. Want to ride the Haunted Mansion Christmas overlay? It is an AR experience now. Want to ride Hyperspace mountain? Also an AR experience.
- iDisneyExperience and Disney IT in general now actually works because Apple knows how to develop an App. But it only works on iPhones or Safari.
- DVC website still doesn't work right as nobody cares about DVC members

Lets be real though - if Apple buys Disney, they'll split the parks out from the studios and just keep the studios and IP. The parks will get sold to Universal


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Feb 12, 2022
They could do a Tim Apple ride/restaurant, where instead of assembling a lightsaber they make you assemble an iPhone in 60 seconds in a really hot factory in order to earn a meal.

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Sep 12, 2015
(Posted in another thread but not showing due to glitch so let's try this again)

Not only will that more than likely not happen, but I can guarantee that in less that in less than a decade, both Apple and Disney will be trust busted and broken up.


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