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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by waltskids, Feb 1, 2001.

  1. waltskids

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    Oct 18, 2000
    has anyone used this before? We are going home in Aug. and have never ordered room service from BWV. How is the menu? 24 hours? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks :eek:
  2. Lisa F

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    Feb 22, 2000
    Although room service is comparatively expensive, we tend to use it at least once a trip. We're not into cooking on vacation and sometimes you're just too tired to deal with being in a restaurant so we go back to the room, veg in front of the tv and order room service. For me, it is the ultimate in luxury when on vacation. Make sure your table is clear because the CM bringing your food will set it for you, complete with white table cloth, little salt and pepper shakers etc.

    Room service prices are fairly high and they add on 18% gratuity and a $3 service fee.

    For breakfast they have a lot of the standards, at room service prices that are similar to those i've seen elsewhere (things like a continental breakfast, different kinds of omelettes, mickey waffles, pancakes etc). We never order breakfast so i'm not too familiar with it.

    For lunch they have standard lunch fare, not a huge selection, but sandwiches, wraps, salads... some of these are available 24 hours.

    They also have a full dinner menu, including appetizers. The dinner menus are taken from the various restaurants on the BW (ESPNzone, flying fish, spoodles). The prices of the dinners are a bit higher than even the prices at the restaurants and are generally in the $20-30 range for entrees (if I remember correctly). They also have a selection of desserts, alcohol etc.

    This may sound weird, but we generally order off the kids menu. Usually when I am in teh mood to stay in the hotel I am also in the mood for "junk food" (we eat at a lot of the high end gourmet type restaurants when we are on vacation but occasionally you just want some chicken fingers). I made the mistake of ordering two orders of a kids meal once and each one was HUGE. The chicken fingers kids dinner is definately big enough for any adult.

    The 24 hour room service menu is more limited. None of the selections from the restaurants are available since they are closed, and you are limited to things like sandwiches, soups (the chicken noodle with mickey head pasta was a godsend when i had sinusitis on our last trip and was stuck in the room alone and too tired and sick to move very far). The only time I ever took advantage of 24 hour room service was when I was sick on another trip (get the feeling I get sick a lot?) and ordered soup at 3am when my throat hurt and I needed something hot. We were in the contemporary so there were no other options.

    I hope this helps! Maybe next time we will try a "real" dinner for room service :)


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    Aug 6, 2000
    We actually look forward to "dining in" whenever we are there. It's expensive but sometimes the cost is worth more than the effort if you know what I mean. The menue is made up from all the restaurants on the Boardwalk. You really have a good selection to choose from. The service is fairly quick considering the size of the Resort. Oh what I really appreciated; some of the meals come with a choice of fruit or french fries. I fell in love with the fruit cup and one evening asked if I could have an "extra" and I would pay for it. Well...I not only got a very large extra serving but there was a note that said something to the effect "no charge" enjoy!!!
    My son has already asked for our trip in July when are the nights that we're having room service!!! :)

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  4. spiceycat

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    Oct 26, 2000
    I love their room services - I order breakfast it will be delivery before the restuarants open. So if you want an early start and don't want to do it yourself (I do cook occasionally).

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