Room 2612


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Jun 19, 2000
Has anyone stayed in this room or its vecinity?How is it? This is the room we were assigned and we have never cruise and I was just wondering. There will be myself, DH DS (14 yr), and DD (1yr) and I was wondering how comfortable it would be although I have a feeling we will not see much of our DS once we get onboard. hmmm this may be a good thing....:smooth:
Category 9's are very nice... perhaps the best value on the ship. This particular room has the large porthole, is convenient to the aft elevators, has no connecting door to an adjoining room. The only potential problem is that it's underneath the kitchen that serves Lumière's/Triton's and Animator's Palate, so you may hear some traffic noise from above.
When we were in 2626, we heard noise from the wasn't really that bad except for the fact that it started pretty early in the morning.
But compared to the noise from the loading door below, the galley was NOTHING!! You shouldn't have that same problem, as 2612 should be far enough away from the loading door.
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We had 2612 on the Wonder and it was just fine. I woke early every day about 7am but that was just me, I think. If there was any noise my family slept through it, but I don't remember it being noisy at all. Also we never felt any movement of the ship in that room but we had fairly calm seas on that cruise.

We were in 2611 on the 3-day back in May, 2000. I thought the location was good, just had some hummm from the engines. Very convenient to aft elevators. Did not notice any noise from above.


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