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    Sep 23, 2018
    Hi all :earsgirl: My fiance and I are planning a trip to Disney World for our honeymoon next October (2019). I've been when I was a teenager and I have planned two DL trips, but I haven't tackled DW yet. I was looking for suggestions on the following:

    1. Hotels- What's most romantic? We are looking at both Deluxe (renting DVC points if possible) and Moderate resorts.

    2. What are MUST DO's for a romantic Disney vacation. Experiences/tours/sights/anything else

    3. Most romantic dining. We are looking to have a nice dinner. *Bonus points if it's vegetarian friendly (for me)
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    Congrats on planning your Disney Honeymoon. We just got back from ours in September and had an awesome time!

    1. Hotels - I think most of the hotels have some sort of romantic aspects - for us, we stayed at AKL in a Savannah view room. Typically, we only do moderates so we decided to treat ourselves for the honeymoon. Before picking AKL, we had narrowed it down to GF, Poly, BC and OKW. We loved the themes at each of those resorts and I think the theme will go a long way towards romance. AKL was very romantic BUT it was also very far from everything. We knew that and thought that would be part of the appeal but after 10 days it was a bit too far for us.

    2. We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour which was a really great tour but not very romantic. The dessert parties are always fun and I'd do the one at Tomorrowland Terrace because there is seating and tables. Carriage ride over at POR is always a nice choice too.

    3. One of the best meals we had was at Bongos at DS. It's a high energy location but the upstairs level offered some tables that were off to the side. Be Our Guest at MK is just beautiful and can be highly romantic. Another good choice there is CRT for dinner. I also thought that GF Cafe was very romantic. It must be all the old Victorian charm - and the food was very good too.
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    Oct 20, 2016

    For hotels the Epcot resorts are great for a more adult atmosphere and the ability to walk to two parks. I personally like the Boardwalk the best. The Swan and Dolphin will be cheaper in cost so you'll get a deluxe hotel for moderate prices. Animal Kingdom Lodge Savannah view is really great, it is so unique. I just don't like how far it is from all the parks, if you have more days you aren't going to the parks it's a great choice.

    We've done the Keys to the Kingdom tour and it was amazing, I would do it again. I've been looking into the tour in Animal Kingdom where you get to go behind the scenes of the Safari. The tour that takings you behind the scenes of Living with the Land (I forget the name) also looks interesting. I've heard this one doesn't fill up as fast so you could try walking up if you have time in your Epcot day.

    Definitely schedule some Signature Dining. Jiko is amazing, Victoria and Albert's is as well, but it is really expensive. The brunch at California Grill is so good, it's only available on Sundays.
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    For hotels, I think the most popular choices for a honeymoon are Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Beach Club. Personally, my top 3 choices would be a theme park view at Grand Floridian, Polynesian, or Contemporary/ Bay Lake Tower as I love being close to the Magic Kingdom and that feels the most "Disney" to me. For our honeymoon, we did a mix of Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Since we got married at the wedding pavilion at Grand Floridian, it felt special to stay at the resort. The DVC rooms are also gorgeous there but it would be difficult to rent points for a studio there as it is difficult to book.

    For experiences, we really like the PM extra magic hours when offered at the parks (free). We also like going to Typhoon Lagoon. We haven't done the Wild Africa Trek in AK but it is also on our list. Firework cruises would also be special. You could watch Illuminations or Happily Ever After from a boat. Get something (cake, chocolate strawberries, champagne) delivered to your room. Disney Floral and Gifts has a lot of options to make your hotel room feel special.

    For dining, our favorite restaurant for food and atmosphere is California Grill. You can watch the fireworks as you eat. Other restaurants that could be romantic are Jiko at AKL and Yachtsman at BC. We haven't done Victoria and Alberts, their most fancy and expensive restaurant at GF but it might be romantic. Other fun dining we like are Ohana, Coral Reef, Teppan Edo, Cinderella's Royal Table, and Be Our Guest. I would recommend dong the Deluxe Dining Plan so that it feels all inclusive and you can get anything you want.
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