Rock n Roller Coaster Area Music


No Entangling Alliances
Sep 20, 1999
Hey guys I am trying to compile a list of the songs played when in the courtyard and queue for Rock n Roller Coaster. The two songs I have so far are:

Simply Irresistabe - Robert Palmer
Lady in Red - Simply Red

Can anyone else add to this?

I know this doesnt really fit on the rumors board but I promise to keep bringing you inside information if you leave it up.
I herd that there are hundreds of songs! I herd somwhere how long the whole loop is, but I forget. They said that you won't be able to hear the same song more than once a day.
I would agree about the length of the loop. Every time I have been on R&RC, I have heard different music in the courtyard! Some real good music too. I have heard some Alman Brothers, Beatles, INXS, Supremes, and more I cant think of off the top of my head.

I'd love to see a list of the songs in this area.

Stop! In The Name of Love - The Supremes
Baby Love - The Supremes
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
Right along with this......
I am curious how many different Aerosmith songs are actually played in the cars on the ride???
It seems the only ones I ever hear are "Walk this Way", "Sweet Emotion", and "Love in an Elevator".
Well thats a challenging question. When coaster first opened they had 5 trains. 4 cycling at any given time with one spare. Each train has its own track.

1.9 Lives
2.Sweet Emotion
3.Back in the Saddle and Dude Looks Like a Lady
4.Love in an Elevator and Walk This Way
5.Young Lust, F.I.N.E and "Love In A Roller Coaster"

They have now added a sixth train which allows one to removed to another site for maintenence on a rotating schedule. I am not sure whether this train has its own track or assumes one of the others.

I know I have heard a somewhat ironic song to help answer your queston. U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for" was definately a song that was played in the courtyard for RnR.
Thanks OnWithTheShow !!! :)
Seems that in the 15 or so times I've ridden RnRC I've always been in 1 of 2 cars.

Well......that just gives me one more reason to make another trip down to WDW...I need to ride in the other cars. LOL :)

Now that you list them.....DH remembers hearing "Back in the saddle" and "Dude....".
We usually don't ride together.....DD won't ride.

Anyway thanks for the trivia :)
(copied from another post)

60 hours of music without repeat!

I wish the regular background music at Epcot was as imaginative. Last few times I was there during November and December they played the same version of Sleigh Ride and other somewhat secular holiday music every hour.

Disney hints:
It seems that way for me too. I go in cycles hiting 2 cars about 10 times in a row and then I get the other cars 10 times in a row I dont know why but it just seems to work out that way. I have definitely heard all 5 before though.
You might want to try for some help on this question... they seem to know everything about the loops at the parks over there...


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