Robin's new nickname

...forgive him, Lord, I think it's called "temporary insanity"..

Barry has this lovely habit of sending me gifts to my office. The last time he sent me a box from a videocam. Of course the entire office thought I had been sent a video camera so the nosy bunch read the label. It just so happens that Mr. H shortened my real last name to "Shippy".

Now everyone from the receptionist to the engineers call me that.

Explanation OVER!

Any suggestions for what nickname we should give Barry????

How about "GO Hom?"

Or "Never Leave Your Hom?"

Or "No Hom Training?"

:D :p :D :p :D :p

Well I still think he's a hunk, and I hope it won't affect my best friend status but I can't resist....

Green Eggs and HOM?

(apologies to Dr Seuss)



Don't forget to sing the R. Shippy theme song...

She's Shippy
She's the tops
Her love for Spiderman never stops
She's Shippy! She's Shippy, Shippy, Shippy, Shippy!

It's pretty tricky to sing. :)
Question: if you are SHORT SHIPPY, does that mean ups does not pick-up at your site???
The problem with UPS pickups at Shippy's workplace is that she has to hand the UPS guy all the packages. The UPS guy is quite tall and he has neck problems so he can't look down, so someone from her office ends up taking the packages to the UPS hub. :)
Hey Barry,

Can you make a song that goes with a tune we all know?:p
Can you make a song that goes with a tune we all know?

For some reason, the Animaniacs theme song is running through my head! :rolleyes:

I'll gladly pay you Thursday for a Hom-Burger today...

:mad: Yeah, HIT a girl while she's out of town... :mad:

Barry "I'll Insult her while she's not HOM": <marquee>

I've GOT your "seniority"!! </marquee>

MIB: #$@%&*(expletive deleted*&^%$!!!!


aka Nubian Goddess.... :smooth:


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