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    OK firstly sorry no pics. I'm always in too much of a rush to get started!
    Also there were two of us, but I made no notes, so I can only remember what I ate.

    We started the vacation with Chef Mickey, because although there were no children with us we are kids at heart, and what better way to start a vacation than a character dinner. We weren't on the dining plan, but do have a DDE card which is good for a 20% discount.
    The food was fine for a buffet, the rib tender, and mash lovely. Excellent character interaction, and Goofy was a hoot. He kept motioning that he feared that maybe I'd had a few too many beers (I was drinking coke) because my camera was new, and boy was I getting confused trying to use it!!!!!! The deserts were good too, but I was too full to eat them.

    OK on to Ohanas.
    For the life of me I can't understand how you can leave here hungry, and ohhhhhh those lovely potatoes. I was wary about the menu change, but have been here twice since the changes, and both times I have enjoyed the food just as much. To be fair the meat is not as tender as some other TS, but it's a different sort of experience. The shrimps were also great, and the desert to die for. The service can seem rushed, but our server was quite willing to bring more of anything that we wanted, and although I shouldn't I asked for more of the yummy potatoes. Can you tell that I liked them?

    We dressed up for this, and most did, but others were still casual. Now before I start on the food I must mention Daniel our server. Oh he was so lovely. Just perfect. Efficient, but still found the time to stop and chat, and share a joke. For an appetiser I had a crab dish named gateau of crab which was one of the best appetisers I have ever eaten, and was one of the best of the vacation in any of the restaurants. It was perfect, being both rich, and flavourful. If you are going to Citricos and see the crab dish go for it! For my entree I had the filet which was tender, and cooked perfectly to my requirement, which was medium. The sauce was good and did not overpower the beef. We had a bottle of white wine which probably didn't go with my entree, but I liked it anyway. For desert I had one of my many creme brulees.

    Next V&A
    Well I felt like a movie star from the minute I arrived at the GF, and swept up the stairs or rather hobbled in my new shoes which were much higher than I'm normally used to LOL! We were seated in the main room with the harpist, and so began a dining experience from beginning to end. My choices were seared colorado buffalo tenderloin with fennel, radishes and blood orange vinaigrette. This was amazing. This was followed by fois gras with apples and mostarda di cremona (+$15 ) which I loved. I already knew that I liked fois gras, so it was just a question of how good it would be, and it was good. The next course was Alaskan King Salmon with celery root puree and smoked salmon bacon. This was the only slightly disappointing dish of the evening. I'm not sure what was wrong it just felt like it had been standing just a little too long before being brought to the table,and then it was on to Kansas City Angus beef which was lovely, so tender it just melted.Then I had the best cheese that I have ever tasted........... Pierre Robert. That was a new one for me, and Comte Saint Antoine and Idiazabal. If you like creamy cheeses buy Pierre Robert. I cannot possibly do this cheese justice in my description. Finally I finished with the chocolate souffle which I had heard so much about, but for me this was a mistake. I was much too full, and it was too rich for me at this stage. I should have gone for something lighter. I ended up leaving most of it. Now one of the best decisions I could have made was to go with the wine pairings. I like wine, and to have the perfect accompaniment to every flavour was so well worth the extra cost.

    On to Jikos.
    In case you think that we were very greedy on this vacation let me explain that we had a gap of a few days eating lightly before going here. Now we were flagging a bit by this time so we decided to share the kalamata olive flatbread between us. This was a wise choice because it was too large for one person, but perfect for two. I have one word for this, and my filet with the mac and cheese. Awesome. Well actually two words awesome, awesome. The first time I heard on the DIS that the fillet was teamed with mac and cheese I'll be honest and thought yuk, but boy I couldn't have been more wrong. I couldn't eat a desert I'm afraid, but I can vouch for the creme brulet, because that's what I had last time. The service was a bit rushed to be honest, and I'm not sure why because the restaurant was nowhere near full, nor was anyone waiting,but the food was without fault. Again I drank white wine which I enjoy.

    Le Cellier.
    This day had been hotter that hot all day, so I couldn't face the cheese soup which was my intended appetiser, so went straight onto the entree. For this I chose the mushroom filet with the wild mushroom risotto, and this was without doubt an excellent dish. Again the filet was so tender it didn't need cutting and was cooked perfectly. This was balanced by such a rich creamy risotto, and I loved every mouthful. I finished with the two creme brulets ( notice a pattern here?) which were good, but quite a small portion I thought. Now I have to say that the meal overall was spoilt by our server who just dropped the ball on this one. It was the only bad service of the entire vacation, so I can't complain, but Zac could really do with watching the way Daniel at Citricos does things. First he gave no description of the breads which was no biggy, but then we got no iced water, had to ask for drink top ups, and butter,which we didn't get until after the food runner had got them and then Zach took them away again. He didn't ask us if our meal was OK, and didn't seem to care, but he bought the check before we had even finshed eating our entrees, and just assumed that we didn't want desert. Weird! He made no interaction whatsoever, although he was chatting a lot to his other tables. I really have no idea why. Anyway I did have a quiet word with the manager on my way out, who was extremely apologetic. I stressed that the food was so so good, and didn't want to get him into big trouble, but maybe just a quiet word would do.

    Onto the last night. CG.
    I was anxious that as this was our last night this meal would not disappoint, and it didn't. I would go here again in a heartbeat. Again I dressed up, but there was a complete mixture, some very dressy, some still very casual. I began with the fois gras again, and while it didn't match V&A I still enjoyed it. Now guess what yep I had the oak fired filet and it was excellent, although I wasn't wild about the barbecue sauce. It was a bit too heavy for such a beautiful piece of meat. However, that didn't spoil it. White wine again here too for me. Learning from my mistake at V&A I didn't order the chocolate souffle, but the banana and butterscotch buzz. Ummmmmmmmm just fantastic. That only leaves me to mention our server here Billy who was so good that he ensured that we ended our wonderful dining on a Disney Magical High.

    So that's it. Sorry it's so long, but there were so many fantastic memories to describe as best as I can remember.
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    Great reviews.
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    Thanks for the reviews...we are taking my son for his 18th bday.:goodvibes:
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    Enjoyed the reviews!!
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    Thanks for the review! We are eating at CM and Ohanas for the first time this Sept. and your review of each has eased me a bit especially Ohanas, since many were not happy with the food and service.

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