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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Melissabo, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Dec 30, 2008
    We just returned from the world late last night. We flew out of Atlantic City NJ with Spirit and rented car from MCO with Enterprise.

    I posted back a few months ago about spirit changing my flight times. I was very unhappy as we were moved from a 10:40 am flight to a 9:23 pm flight. After being given several options we kept the flight and added park tickets for our last day.

    I've never flown out of A.C. and usually go from Philly international. A.C. wasa breeze with two kids in tow. When we arrived we checked our two bags (we paid for our bags in advance and were aware of the 40lb limit). We also checked a double stroller, and a car seat and booster (I was able to get the booster and car seat in one bag) for free. There is a charge for carryons so we each brought a cinch backpack on the plane with us. Personal bags are allowed to fly free but need to fit certain demensions.

    We boarded a few min early and took off about 10 min early. We were scheduled to arrive at MCO at 10:30 but landed just after 10 a.m.

    Coming home on the same flight it was the same situation. A flight attendant gave each of my boys a pack on animal crackers because she noted how good they were behaving (I can't take credit they were too tired to act up, lol) We landed about 15 min before we were scheduled to land.

    Over all we had a really good experience. We paid for seats and 2 checked bags for both flights. Even with all of the taxes and fees our total for 4 round trip tickets was $690. I will fly with them again.

    Enterprise was easy, we had a reservation for a full size for $199 for the week. Arrived to an empty counter took about 5min at the counter then walked to the garage to meet another employee who allowed us to choose from about 7 cars. We picked an Altima, checked for damage and were on our way. Check in was equally quick, followed signs, were checked back in, printed a reciept and were off.
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    We fly Spirit mostly because of AC airport, which we will do when we go to Florida in a couple of weeks. Although they did change our flight time, we are still leaving NJ early; just flying into FLL instead of RSW. It was easy to change the flight as well.
    We have flown Spriit many times, and realize it is a no-frills airline. Fortunately we can ship stuff down (or send it in the car when they drive down, yes SNOWBIRDS :rotfl:) so luggage is minimal. Thank you for the good review!

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