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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by GoofyforDisney3, May 15, 2005.

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    Jan 19, 2004
    Just returned from our trip (5/6 - 5/14) and thought I would post our experience with Magical Express.

    We did receive our tags (finally) by FedEx on Thursday, 5/5. These were addressed to my 2 1/2 year old DD :rolleyes: , good thing anyone could sign for them. Had 2 tags per person and the voucher for the pin and lanyard, plus our boarding pass for the bus.

    On Friday, 5/6 our flight arrived a few minutes early and there were several people standing right outside of the area that you get off the monrail at. (by security check point) and they all had signs and mickey gloves. They directed us to the elevator to take down to the ME check-in desk. There was a short line at the check-in desk. (they did ask that only one person per party get in the line and directed the rest of your party to a large space off to the side that kids could run around in, etc.) After checking in, we were directed to the line for our hotel (POP) and the cast members there were keeping a total count of how many people in each line and when they had a fairly full bus between all of the resorts that would be on each route, they directed you out to the waiting bus, were the bus driver took your carry on's. There was a video played (Lilo and Stich) while we made the trip to the resort. To my suprise POP was the first stop :Pinkbounc and in total the whole process and the trip to the resort and check-in took around an 80 minutes. I didn't think this was to bad since this is how long it probably would have taken to get our luggage ourselves, pick up a rental car and then drive to the resort.

    It took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours for our luggage to be delivered to our room. We were prepared (and the booklet you receive with the luggage tags also advises you to do this) since we had packed our bathing suits in our carry-on. Make sure if you are doing this with a small child to pack SWIM Diapers. :blush: I forgot and had to keep reminding my DD that she did not have panty diapers on and that she had to go to the potty since she isn't totally potty trained yet.

    All the cast members were very nice and plesant. I didn't notice anyone upset over anything and everything seemed to be going very smooth.

    On Friday, 5/13 we received a letter from the ME desk advising us when we were supposed to be on the shuttle back to the airport and instructions on when and how to check our bags. We were flying on Delta, so we could us the full benefit of ME.

    We were told that bags could be checked up to 12 hours prior to our flight departure, but no less than 3 hours prior. We were given a shuttle time of 1:10, and we decided that since we didn't have a lot of time between check out time and our shuttle time, we would sleep a little later and have a nice leisurely breakfast, check out and then check our bags and that would give us an hour or so for our DD to play on the play ground and wear off some energy.

    We got to the luggage station to check our bags between 10:30 and 10:45 and it took us almost an hour and a half to get check-in and get our boarding passes. The line was that long with people who had later flight times, but had to be checked out by 11:00. This is the only glitch we had in the system. We arrived for our shuttle at approx. 1:00, gave our carry-on bags to the driver, and boarded the shuttle which left right on time. We arrived very early for our flight and had to wait about 1 1/2 hours before they started to board our flight. (which was about 2 hours prior to the flight time).

    A side note: While we waited to check our bags and get our boarding passes, there was a cast member that was playing games with the kids and trying to keep them ocupide. They also brought out juice boxes for the kids (and the adults if someone wanted on). The cast members were all very nice and apologized for the long wait. It was a long, wait but I think everyone understood that they were doing everything they could to get us through the line.

    Would I use ME again? I don't know, it would definetly depend on how much they charge for it and if it was a lot cheaper then a rental car.

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