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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by jpmom97, Apr 25, 2004.

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    Feb 23, 2003
    Sorry these are so late. I have been so busy but here are my reviews of the first 2 days we were in Disney.

    The cast of this vacation is me, my two children DS 6 DD 14 mths at the time, my dad & my mom. I am not sure of the prices of the meal b/c I am lucky enough to have had my dad treat us to everything, I have the best parents in the world.

    We arrived at POR in the afternoon. My mom, the kids and I took a walk to the foodcourt to get our refillable mugs. Great deal!

    That night we had a 7:00 PS at Chef Mickey's. We arrived about a half hour early since my mom is in a wheelchair my dad decided to drive there and have some extra time to get the chair together and we didn't really know where the restaurant was. We were seated right away. They were very accomodating for my mom too. The buffet was huge, the food really good, and the character interaction awesome!! This was DS's favorite meal. We did the napkin dance too, such fun. This is a new tradition for us, Chef Mickey's on our first night. (Forgot to mention my dad does not eat meat or dairy and he had PLENTY to eat here.)

    The second day we had breakfast at Boatwrights at the POR. We ate very simple, my dad had eggbeaters, my mom and I had a fruit plate, DS had a bagel and cream cheese and I ordered DD eggs and sausage but it was never brought out. The food was ok, would have rathered eaten at the foodcourt.

    We ate lunch in the MK at Pinnochio's Village Haus. My DS and I had cheeseburgers, really good, my mom had a hotdog, really big and good, and my dad had a veggie sandwich. He liked it. DD just picked off my plate. The fixin's bar was terrific with onions and mushrooms on it ! I was surprised that was all there.

    For dinner we ate at Ohana's. We had a 7:00 PS and were seated right away. This is my favorite restaurant. I ate my weight in wontons alone. Our waiter was great, he took my son to the bread warmer b/c DS was freezing. He even helped DS do the hula. Our food was terrific, we didn't wait for anything. The lazy susan was constantly being filled(which was good b/c I ate all the wontons on each trip). After dinner we walked down to the pool to watch the fireworks. Very magical, I love this place.
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    Dec 12, 2002
    Thanks for the wonderful report. Glad you had a fun trip.

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