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Oct 23, 2004
This is counter service restaurant. It is located in Frontlot and is the main restaurant here.
Located on two floors it is a cavernous area.
This is a fun restaurant hidden behind the facades of famous Hollywood bars and restaurants.
You’ll find the usual fayre of burgers and chicken nuggets here.
Have a look here for the restaurant.

Link to other restaurant reviews :)

Okay as previously announced we are hoping the boards can help :goodvibes If you have photographs of the restaurant and the food. If you have eaten here and can write a review. Even a couple of lines of what you liked, things to watch out for.. would be appreciated if you posted below :)


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Jun 3, 2007
I've eaten 2 or 3 times here, most recently last week.

But I have to say, I don't think I'll bother again.
The food is okay, but its never particularly hot, and it can be a hassle finding somewhere to sit and eat.

I think I'd probably prefer just to get a muffin and drink from one of the trailers situated around the Studios, then have something more substantial in one of the counter service restaurants in the main park.


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Jun 13, 2008
We ate here last week too. Food was awful, Ellie's chips were freezing cold and Kacee's nuggets were like bullets. Ended up getting a refund from a rather annoyed 'supervisor' (who was from the North of England)

I'd not advise this place although they may have been having an off day (or two as Elaine said the same)
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    Sep 28, 2008
    We ate here in September 2006, we had 2 set adults meals of burger, chips, a banana cake and a drink. Our 2 children had the same but kids meals.
    remember thinking we should have tried Macdonalds instead:eek: , it was not very nice at all.

    They were bog standard burgers, I cant remember if the chips were hot but I do remember my DBF queuing for ages and the retaurant was so quiet.

    The only good thing was the theming in there, there was plenty to look at.
    Personally I will never try it again, a total waste of money.


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    Feb 26, 2008
    i had lunch here in july and just had a burger, chips and drink. it was nothing special but ok if you're just stopping to have a quick lunch and don't want to wander over to the village to annettes or mcdonalds. If i remember correctly the food was hot (well it wasn't cold) and we were able to get a seat quite easily up on the balcony.


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    Mar 5, 2008
    ate here on 16th april 2009.
    i love the theming here. we had no prob getting a seat although upstairs wasnt open. this was about 5pm so it was starting to get busy, but queues moved quick and service excellent (ok, im biased as i was complimented on my french lol)

    i had the pizza deal, with pizza, fries, yoghurt & drink and ds1 had the kids menu - mickey burger (totally shaped like mickey) with tomatoes, icecream & orange juice. we shared it between the 3 of us and it was plenty enough!!

    menu mickey magical - €12,95
    1 main (burger, nuggets, pizza, salad), side (salad, fries, garlic bread), desert (brownie, brioche, apple, yoghurt, cake etc) & drink

    menu classic - €9,95
    1 main (cheeseburger, nuggets), side (salad, fries) & drink

    menu tower - €11,95
    1 main (tower burger, chicken burger), side (fries, salad), desert (yoghurt, choc cake) & drink

    burgers on their own approx €6, pizza €8,50, fries €2,80


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    Feb 9, 2008
    Im hoping this is the right restaurant im reviewing :rotfl2: I cant recall the name of the restaurant and its not on my photos but its on the right of the indoor part you walk through as you enter the studios?

    We ate here last week, service was very quick and the food was nice. One of the cheaper and nicest fast food restaurants in the resort

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    Jan 30, 2012
    We ate here in 2009 and 2010. Skipped it last visit since we wanted to try some other things too.
    It's nothing special, just typical fast food French Fries and burgers. I opted for a children's meal both times (I remember the burger being Mickey shaped which I loved :goodvibes ) which contained fries, a cheeseburger (chicken nuggets the second visit), a danone yoghurt drink and a fresh drink. Liked it and couldn't finish it both times. Boyfriend had what I think was called a tower burger or something. It was a double or three double burger with fries, drink and a dessert.
    Both agree that it was tasty, hot and didn't have to wait very long for our food. :goodvibes

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    Mar 14, 2009
    We ate here on Wednesday 26 July 2017 @ approx 10:30am for breakfast.

    P1060852 (480x640).jpg

    I had 3 vouchers with the plan I’d booked and thought we’d see if there was anywhere in the Studios we could use them. So we looked at the menu outside Restaurant en Coulisse and there was a breakfast option. It was really quiet here. The voucher needs to be used before 11am. We had plus vouchers and on them it stated to eat in the main park in Café Hyperion or Bella Notte. I think that’s because with the plus voucher you get a hot option in there. Using the voucher in the Studios meant there wasn’t a hot option but we weren’t bothered.

    Each voucher gives you: a hot drink (tea,coffee,hot choc), a bread roll with jam and butter, choice of either pan au chocolat or croissiant and a cold drink, water/orange juice.

    We easily shared the 3 meals between us and really enjoyed this. Service was quick too as I don't think a lot of people realise that you can use the vouchers here yet.

    We also ate later the same day for some lunch - DH and I shared a chicken burger and chips meal, the kids shared chicken nuggets. Good service again and really tasty meal.

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