ressie confirmation letter good for free parking at parks?



We are driving up from south Florida on Jan 25 (a Fri.). We will be arriving around 10 am and going straight to MK. Our plan is to check in at the ASMo sometime in the afternoon . Since we are not checked in yet, will we still get to park for free at MK?? What if I show them my confirmation letter ??
Why don't you go check in first. They won't have a room yet, but this way you will avoid the afternoon check in lines and you will get your parking pass.
I don't think the letter would work or some people would make then cancel ressies to save on parking. I, too, think you should check in, get your ID, then take the bus to the MK - it's so much easier, IMO.
If you check in first you will not only get your valid parking pass but will activate your room key for charging purchases at the MK. Very handy.

The AS will give you a card with a number to call later in the day to check on your room availablity. If it's ready they will give you the room number.

I too would vote for checking in. Even though we don't drive, we like to drop our luggage off at the hotel (we've stayed at a variety of WDW hotels). In all our double-digit trips, I think there has only been two or three times that our room wasn't ready. Chances are good you'll be able to get your room, and even if you don't, it's convenient to have them hold your luggage and you won't have to worry about the parking.
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Thanks all!!!!! WE are in a real big hurry to get to MK. We like to get there at opening, so this is LATE for us!!!! However, we have decided to check in when we arrive (hopefully 10 am, the latest). We wo'nt be dropping off luggage , either, since we are only staying two nights. I will probably hop out of the car and if there is no line, will do the check-in process by myself. Do the others in my party really need to come in???? I have two rooms and am paying for both.
If you want to take a chance...

With your resort ressie, drive to the park and show it to the toll attendant. But don't pay if asked. Instead you ask how to make a U turn out of there. If you are lucky the attendant will wave you through free instead of take the time to tell you how to turn around.

Disney hints:

"Collect your things off the X-ray machine before following the airport agent to the screening area to take off your shoes."

I had read before our first visit to WDW that the confirmation letter would allow for free parking on our arrival day; it worked for us. This was several years ago, so I don't know if it still works. I'd rather go to the park in the morning and check in later in the afternoon when the parks are more crowded. I'd feel rushed if checking in when we 1st arrived knowing that the morning park time is clicking away.:smooth:
Even if you do pay to park that day, it isn't a tragedy. Just bring your parking receipt with you when you go to checkin. They will credit your bill for the $6 parking fee. If your checkin CM can't/won't do this, ask for a supervisor or go to the Guest Services desk at the resort. It absolutely can be done.
In January 2002, we used our confirmation letter to get free parking at the Magic Kingdom. As a matter of fact, after the Magic Kingdom we hopped on over to Animal Kingdom and also got to park for free. It was very easy, no hassle at all.



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