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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by AndyMcV, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. AndyMcV

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    Apr 4, 2004
    Hi Gang

    Just curious, if you don't have a rental car, how easy is it to get from resort to resort if you want to visit? One of the things that would be nice to do is take a morning and have a look at some of the Disney resorts that we haven't been able to see.

  2. goofy4tink

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    You will find that, for the most part, you will need to go to a park and then hop a resort bus there. When I go to WDW during the holidays, I love to check out the other resorts. This is how I do it....I head to MK, then hop on the monorail and check out the monorail resorts. Then, I get back to MK and take the boat to WL. Then to a park from there if I'm ready or just hop the boat back to MK.
    If I'm in Epcot or Hollywood Studios (or staying at BW) I just check those resorts around the lake out then.
    For the more remote resorts you would have to take a bus from a park to that particular resort and back to a park again. Or you can make transfers at DTD but those buses tend to take a long time coming and going.
  3. Pakey

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    Aug 29, 2007
    There are no buses that go resort to resort so you either have to go resort-park-resort or resort-DTD-resort. The only ones that are easy to hop to are the ones on the monorail loop. You can go from your resort to MK and then hop on the monorail to see GF, Poly, Cont and then go back to MK and hop on the ferry to WL. Of course, the Epcot ones, where you are staying, are easy to walk to. The other nice one, AKL, is easiest to go visit on a day you are going to AK park. Just take the bus from AK to AKL and then back to AK to catch your bus back to your resort.

    You can also take taxi's if you wish. I've never stayed at any of the mods or values so I can't answer for sure but I do not think they are close to one another and you'd have to take buses to each one.
  4. surfer_ed

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    Dec 6, 2004
    Becuase we are a DVC member we can pool hop at no peak times. I find MK is the fastest route, except after wishes, which I then go to DTD.

    The DTD route can take allot longer but we like to go to Poly to watch wishes and don't think going back to MK after the show would work well.
  5. skifast22

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    Nov 26, 2006
    The best hotel to stay at if you'd like to visit various resorts would be the CR. If your staying there, it's a very short walk (~5-10 minutes) to the resort bus terminals for the MK. From there you can go to any resort on property. You can also catch a boat from the CR to the WL and Fort Wilderness.

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