Resort Restaurant - mobile order no allergy information


Oct 20, 2018
Morning all,

Does anyone know why there is no allergy options for the resorts on mobile order. I was hoping to use the Mara one when we stay at AKL but the only thing i can order is the vegan cupcake as this would be sure to not contain eggs.

I was just interested in the reasons for this?
I don't know but I would guess it is the same reason as why we can't use DVC discounts: Mobile ordering is new and they haven't added all the bells and whistles that are available in person at the restaurant.
Most likely because of the time and effort it would take to make sure it is entirely up to date. I've found over the years that vendors change frequently and safe options may be one thing in January but by our April trip that has changed. I imagine the time and cost it would take to make sure it was constantly up to date would be significant. And very risky if a tech person made a small mistake regarding an allergy. This is much the same reason when contacting Special Diets you get a very general response and are told to talk to someone at the restaurant upon arrival.
It is only recently ANY mobile ordering allowed allergy info. I would not trust it though. You are talking about something that could be life-threatening in some cases - hardly the time to try and save a few minutes. Just follow the normal ask for an allergy menu and/or chef procedure. It is what I do. A few extra minutes is worth it for my peace of mind.


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