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Earning My Ears
Jun 16, 2021
We have a trip planned for late August for 3 adults and two children (2/5). It is the first trip for the children. We have a Nemo Suite at AOA booked now due to the theming and having two bathrooms and a separate sleep area which helps for naps, etc. We will probably limit the parks this trip since it is their first to just MK and HS. I am looking for recommendations on any other resort which you think would be better suited? This is our first trip with children this young so we are really trying to do what is easiest and better suited for them. Thank you in advance!


DIS Veteran
Oct 21, 2002
I think it is a great choice. One other choice would be WL super location. But I think AoA is a great pick

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Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan
Aug 8, 2000
I think that is a great choice - the only other option I would consider is 2 rooms at a value.


Earning My Ears
Jun 13, 2021
We stayed at Pop our last trip and toured around AoA, very nice - I think you will be happy with that choice

Dis Dragon

May 19, 2019
Not sure your budget or how late your August stay actually is, but Animal Kingdom Lodge reopens 8/26 - The lodge is extremely charming and the animals are always a win for kids.

Sue M

DIS Veteran
May 27, 2009
I think with 5 people a suite is your best choice! I don’t know how long your stay is, but if you have the time I’d add in AK park. IMO it’s the best themed park and amazing. So much for kids to do.