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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by reggiemcp, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Jun 30, 2003

    I need help with this decision. Can't seem to do it myself. We (Hubby, son & I) are currently booked for WLC w/dining plan for 12/2 - 8 nites. It is going to cost 4300 without airfare. We are also planning on going back in May to celebrate 10th anniversary. So I priced POFQ (Riverside is booked) and the price difference is $2000. My practical side says change the reservation and splurge for anniversary. We have never stayed at a moderate, done value (but just hubby and I). I am concerned about buses with stroller and FQ has no sit down restaurant. Can we manage with son (17 months in Dec) at moderate, will we like FQ, etc? Will I be disappointed if I switch? Also, will I lose all my ADR's that Concierge has made for me? Will I need to rebook myself? :bitelip: I want to make this decision today! All the rooms are booking fast.
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    We LOVE POFQ, however if you are used to having monorail access you may find it a bit different.

    POFQ has one bus stop that is centrally located. We have never missed the sitdown restaurant, because we are usually not at the resort at mealtimes, choosing instead to eat at the parks. If we do choose to eat at the sitdown restaurant that serves the Port Orleans resorts, we take the boat to Riverside and eat at Boatwrights. The have nice breakfasts, there.

    We actually like the Port Orleans resorts much better than WL, but that is just our taste. And we LOVE the staff at PO-FQ.
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    I wouldn't switch at this point unless you have to. You have all of your ADRs all set and probably (depending on where they are) won't be able to get them again at the same times. You would also probably have to give up free dining. You (and my husband and I) are going during Pop Warner time. People report that the groups kids stay mostly at the values but as the group grows some are staying at mods. They probably would stay at POR not POFQ, but you never know. DH and I are staying at CBR for the first 4 days. I'm not concerned about noise at the resort or a full main pool and food court, but I don't have kids. I am concerned about full buses with cheering girls that might scare 17 month old babies. We're considering renting a car just for those four days (moving to GF on the 6th). For all those reasons I think I'd splurge now and go with something that might not be as convenient in May. Especially if it will just be you and DH then. Maybe you can splurge on a really nice dinner or a night or two at a deluxe then instead.
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    I know that we changed hotels and didn't loose our free dining package. We also made some advanced priority seatings and this follows you even if you change hotels.

    Good luck on your decision.

    We went from PO Riverside to BC by the way, we decided to go from 2 rooms at PO to 1 room at BC and splurge big time.

    Can anyone give me any vibes re: BC?


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