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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by lopey1016, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. lopey1016

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    Jun 21, 2007
    Need some help from the experts! We are planning a grand gathering for next August & my niece is expecting twins and they will be about 10 months old when we go. They also have a daughter that will be 4. I'm just trying to pick the roomiest resort room for this family of 5. I'm just trying to picture the double stroller, 2 cribs (pack/play), etc fitting in a room. I've only stayed moderate, so I'm not sure if any of the deluxe rooms have a better layout? Perhaps a room with a king bed will free up some space? We will be a group of about 15, so there will be other rooms where they could store some things. Can anyone who has travelled with infant twins give some advice?
    Thanks so much!
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    Sep 17, 1999
    First thing I can tell you is to rule out the King Bedded room. Disney will not allow this with a party this size. As far as size of Deluxe rooms, Contemporary has the largest on property. They may also want to consider a 1 bedroom DVC Villa. The bedroom will have a king bed and there's a pull-out in the living room. Plenty of room for 2 cribs, plus the full kitchen would come in very handy with the little ones.
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    I haven't yet travelled to Disney with my twins, but we have taken my ODS to WDW a number of times. We have twice stayed at the Poly & for our next trip (still tentative planned for 6/11) I am torn between stying at the Poly (largest single rooms on property) or a 1BR at BLT. Pretty sure that 2 PnPs would fit in a room at the Poly

    With babies, you might consider the DVC properties. Any 1 BR will give them a kitchen & a washer/dryer -- might make feeding a bit easier, food prep, washing bottles, etc. With the washer & dryer, it makes it easier to not overpack. I like BLT for the proximity to MK -- walk over w/ the double stroller -- other DVC properties they might want their own car.
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    Honestly, we've stayed Deluxe and Moderate with our twins while they were still in cribs, and you can make any of them work. We haven't tried it with a value. In the moderates- we usually wound up putting the pack n plays behind the privacy curtain. The double stroller was always folded and left by the door. It was a bit cramped but we made it work.

    We did this at AKL also - we requested a king room and got it, so they DO occassionally give them to you with two infants, but you can't book a king room specifically.

    One other thing to consider is if they sleep together in one crib. At 10 months, our girls did this occassionally, and it definitely helped, but you CAN fit two pack n plays in both the moderate and deluxe resorts.
  5. Deb & Bill

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    They actually are considered a family of four plus one. Disney usually allows one extra person in the room as long as that person is under the age of three.

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