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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by tsb4, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. tsb4

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    Jul 12, 2001
    We, myself, DW, DD (8) and 2 DS (both 4), are considering getting a rental car to drive from Rochester NY to Disney World. We will be spreading the drive over a couple of days. My question is what size car to rent . It seems as if the best deals and upgrade offers are on cars up to full size. The mini vans seem to be a premium cost. We have a mini van at home but would rather drive a car I don't need to worry about. What have others rented for a family of 5 (small children).
    Thanks for any advice/opinions.
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    Oct 24, 1999
    We rent cars frequently for long distance travel and always go with a full size car. Since you cannot be guaranteed an upgrade with a coupon, we just rent what we need. You are from NY but I don't know if you are in the city or upstate. We live in NJ, about 25 miles s.w. of Manhattan. We consistently find the best prices with Dollar at airport locations. (We pick up at Newark). Airports charge less because of the volume. Make sure they don't add on the fee for those flying in...let them know up front when you call that it's a local pick up. As a side note....IF you are in the NYC area and find a coupon or special code, read the fine print. Almost always they will say that the New York Metropolitan area is excluded (and that includes Newark airport)>
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    Sorry, but I just can't imagine that trip being comfortable in anything without 3 rows of seats. (An SUV with 3 rows would be okay, but I'm sure a minivan would be cheaper than that.) It would be an especially big problem if your 2 little ones are in booster seats, which I'm guessing they are unless they're really tall. In fact, I don't know what the laws are in NY, but you're bound to drive through some states in which they'd have to be in boosters. Since the boosters have to be in seats with shoulder belts, that would leave your biggest child squished in the middle seat. There would be very little space left for your kids to have toys and games to keep them occupied.

    Maybe someone on here has a good code for a minivan.

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