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Aug 31, 2001
The best deal I can get is from Hertz b/c of AAA membership plus coupons. But have read on Mary's site that hertz is not in the MCO terminal, need to take a shuttle. How much of a hassle is this and is it worth paying more to have the convience of a company in the terminal. Any opinons?

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I have done it both ways and I think it really depends on the price differential. Is taking a shuttle worth a $5 dollar difference. I think not but if you are talking about over $75... I would definitely consider the shuttle. The only other "at the terminal" ploy I have thought about..I once made reservations at Dollar for a car and had a free upgrade coupon. When I got to Dollar to claim my car, they told me that there were no cars in the category up that were available. I thanked them and as I left to transfer my business to National, Dollar "magically' came up with an upgraded car!! Obviously, you cannoit do that if you are off premises. I am curious though... how much of a better deal can you get with AAA membership?? I too, am a member... thanks
Not sure what your trip details are, but for our trip last June we used Priceline. I bid 18.00 per day for a full-sized car (I figured if I could get this price, I wouldn't care if the rental agency was on or offsite.) Priceline accepted my bid on the first try; the company was Hertz (onsite). Even better: when we checked-in -- they had run out of full-sized cars and gave us a 4WD instead. What a deal!

Very positive experience. I'm going to do this for every vacation!
I used priceline in July 2001. Got a compact car for 17 days @ $15/day, Budget.
I believe Priceline only uses 4 major rental companies, all at the airport.
Check it out at

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Time is money when I am on vacation. We rented once from Hertz and they were wonderful but it took over an hour to get the car. I cannot remeber how long it took to get the return handled. That is another factor you need to consider. I haven't flown anywhere since 9/11 but How much earlier would you need to take the car back and wait in the airport? I would checck the car rental sites to see if there are any offring discounts. We have gotten the same prices off site as on site and the convenience of on site is wonderful. All the rental agencies have AAA discounts. i call the 800 # and get a quote and then visit the Transportation board here before I commit.
I have to use Hertz when I am on business. The shuttle ride has always been fairly painless. They seem to always have one at the airport and it leaves as the next one pulls up. Since I am a gold member, I have no idea how the actual rental goes. (I just walk up to my car and go.)
We have gone with another couple, we rented Dollar on site, they used Hertz off site. By the time we got our car and drove over to meet them at Hertz, they were just getting in their car. So, if the price difference is great, go for Hertz. If it is not, go for the convenience. JMHO

I've never found the best rate at Hertz, so I've never used them. However, I have used Dollar (onsite) and Alamo (offsite). Personally, my time is worth more that the few $ difference and will always choose onsite.


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