Rental Agencies for Windsor Hills


Oct 14, 2009
Good Day,

I was looking for any feedback on rental agencies that book within Windsor Hills Resort.

Some background my family has previously used Florida Sun Vacation homes to rent in WH, who apparently have been bought out by Global Homes.
In doing a quick search for a home within WH, I used the new Global Homes listing for WH and did a comparison with Magical Vacation Homes.
MVH comes up a bit cheaper for the same type of house in WH.

Was wondering if anyone had experience with either company and if there are any other rental agencies I should look at for renting in WH?

I am leaning towards using Magical Vacation homes currently.

Thank you for any feedback.


DIS meet junkie
Sep 29, 2002
I find the property we want first and then book with whoever is handling that property whether it be the owner or a management company.


Mar 12, 2018
We used Vacationcentralflorida last time our units beds weren't great and the place was dated. Maybe another place on there wouldn't be as bad but it depends on what your looking for.


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