Reggae Festival at CityWalk


DIS Veteran
May 11, 2000
Hi all...well, I've heard about this festival in a couple of different I'm familiar with the details (price, dates, hours, etc.) but I'm really interested in knowing how they set this up. It lasts from 2-9 on Sat. the 23rd of Feb. and Sun. the 24th, and is $19 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under with adult admission.

That said, I'm trying to find out where they are having this, specifically. I know it's not a "sit down" thing at the stage by the water there. I am really only interested in it if it's outside. Reggae isn't the sort of thing I would sit and listen to on the radio, but in an outside tropical atmosphere, I would really enjoy it!

Has anybody been, apparently this is the 3rd....I wouldn't want to be cooped up inside, OR forced to remain seated anywhere! :D

Thanks, guys!

Hi MsDis!
Last year they had the barrier walls around the center stage (where the water runs down 'neath the stage). I'm assuming it was mainly outdoor event.
It just didn't seem "rasta" enough to shell out money for though.
Thanks, Jim!
I figure, if there is nothing included in that price BUT the admission to that area, then I'd be better off saving it and having a few $1.50 drafts from NASCAR and enjoying the music outside of the walls...I'm sure you can here it...!?



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