Reconsidering sept/oct trip


Aug 4, 2018
In January we booked a trip to WDW on Sept 28th to Oct 2nd.

At the time we booked I didn’t consider SWGE would be there (had thought Nov would be when they launched)

Than I find out last week the new Epcot Forever show will premier on Oct 1st. Our Epcot day was booked for Sept 30th (all ADRs already completed). I could move our Epcot day to Oct 1, but than the crowds might drive me crazy on either of the 2 days. I’m not a big fan of shoulder to shoulder.

I’m thinking of maybe moving the trip at the end of Oct instead. Not sure.

If there is a dessert party for the premier night at Epcot Forever that might make it workable so i’m not waiting hours to find a spot to watch the show.

I dunno. I thought this Sept trip was going to be a quite trip before the storm, somehow I booked in the middle of it!


Jan 23, 2019
I just wrote pretty much this exact post in the September thread earlier today. :-)

Now to top it off, on the Rumors board there was an article that they won't start full gondola testing until August and that it will take MONTHS. I'm REALLY hoping the article is wrong bc that was part of my reason for booking CBR.

Our plan for right now is to avoid EPCOT on 9/30 and 10/1. I'm bummed bc I had a 6:30 reservation at Akerhaus on 10/1 and am substituting it with dinner in Mexico on 9/29 bc that was the only other one I could make this week for a party of 8.

Just hoping it all works out; I haven't been to Disney in 15 years and this is the first trip for the rest of my family. I think I've reached the over planning stage lol. But know you def aren't alone in the way you're feeling!


DIS Veteran
Jan 11, 2010
You are definitely not alone. We moved our trip from Oct to August to avoid the crowds of Columbus Day weekend and Star wars. My 13 y/o granddaughter has severe anxiety and heavy crowds are not her friend. It was an easy decision as none of us star wars fans. The heat was the only downside and being from Texas it won't be too bad. And we have planned afternoon breaks.


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