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Mar 21, 2015
Hi, visiting Disney parks in April, and deciding which rides/shows we should select for fast pass for one of our elderly group members. (She can move from wheelchair to a ride with assistance, but wishes to go only for gentle rides) So far, we have decided on visiting Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Maybe one day's visit to Sea World. She is not a Harry Potter fan.

Any suggestions will be welcome. (methinks I will need a vacation before the vacation, stressssss!! lol)
For gentle rides Small World, Gran Fiesta Tour, and Living With the Land immediately popped into my mind. GFT does not have FP however.
I'd guess that pretty much all dark rides would be OK (except maybe Haunted Mansion because of that little backwards dip). Nemo in Epcot, Spaceship Earth in Epcot, Figment in Epcot, Little Mermaid in MK, Peter Pan in MK, Winnie the Pooh in MK, Festival of the Lion King in AK, Nemo show in AK, etc. (Not really many rides in AK that are gentle I can think of.)

The disABILITIES board also has some great info on ride gentleness. This is the post I was thinking of...
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For "gentle rides", check out anything without a restriction on it. BUT - the only person wo can decide what she should and should not ride is her. And her doctor. I'd first get the doctor's advice and then after that, show youtube videos of the rides and see what SHE thinks. Just about all Disney World attractions are wheelchair friendly and if she can move from the chair to the vehicle, she'll be fine. But she, after her doctor's advice will determine that.
I am 74 and use an ECV. There are only two attractions I will not go on at WDW. One is Space Mountain, as it is extremely difficult to get in and/or out of the rocket sleds. The other is Primeval Whirl at AK,s it is way too wild. Also, for Mission Space I will only go on the Green side and not the Orange, again due to intensity.

Note that Cast Members are not allowed to assist or touch a Guest except in actual emergency situations. They can hold a wheelchair while the rider exits or enters it, and may move it, when empty, to and from a storage area.

Peter Pans flight?

Peter Pan's Flight can be a little tricky. They are unable to slow down the moving platform. It is too fast for my DH who has Muscular Dystrophy and uses an ECV during our Disney trips so he can't do Peter Pan's Flight anymore. If your group member can move at a decent pace, it might be OK. Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, the cars at MK and Test Track are all rides that are challenging for him to get in and out of at this point.

Good gentle rides include the Jungle Cruise, It's a Small World, Dumbo/Aladdin, Living with the Land, Toy Story Mania, Soarin', the Great Movie Ride, and the Safari ride. They can slow down the platforms on some rides like The Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear and Spaceship Earth if you ask.
Will totally let her (after doctor's approval) control what she wants to ride. We have six days there - we were thinking of purchasing the 4 day pass with 5th day free and one day Sea World. This way, we would be able to see things at leisure, keeping an option to relax one day in the middle if it all gets too much.
Actually last time I saw them stop it and help someone with a wheel chair get on! I thought it was a nice ride for someone wheelchair bound, and how they helped her was amazing.

I just thought it would be awesome for someone wheel chair bound to fly above the city and into never land!
Exactly, and for someone who has never been there, at least they get to enjoy the magic a bit.
I just read that with the recent line update, the ride is now accessible. Great news!
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I believe the Peter Pan line is now accessible to wheelchairs but the loading process is the same. So unless you can load very quickly without the ride slowing/stopping you still can't ride.

But I'd love it if it changed, I need a stopped ride to get on and off.
Even if cast members can't touch them, one of the group members can help them onto the moving walkway, right? (She can walk for short spurts, and has a weak heart but said just looking at kids looking at the princesses and Mickey and Minnie will make her trip worthwhile :)
she would probably love enchanted tales with belle. it is adorable, and you stay in your wheelchair the whole time.


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