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Feb 28, 2006
We have 2 nights where we are homeless mid-trip between our Kidani and Poly stays. Would like some recommendations on where to stay offsite that might provide enough activities/ amenities that we don't really need to leave the resort for the 2 days we'll be there. Ideally under the $850 price point.... Bit of of 5, three boys ages 12,14 and 15 who love basketball, tennis, swimming and video games. Mom and Dad appreciate a little luxury and a great pool.


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Oct 4, 2005
Sheraton Vistana Resort would check all the activities on your list. This is a large timeshare resort with lots of amenities. You can book this resort like a hotel and it would come in well below your budget. You don't have to go to any timeshare tours if you are worried about that.


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Mar 4, 2019
For reasonably-priced luxury and access to a great pool, maybe try Waldorf Astoria Orlando? It has a lovely pool as well as access to the Bonnet Creek Hilton's pool complex next door.


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Jan 12, 2007
You could look into the new Margharitaville resort. I'm not sure if the construction is totally finished but they have multiple pools, hotel rooms or villas and there is supposed to be a waterpark, not sure if that is complete or not


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Sep 26, 2009
We have a two night stay in Orlando offsite planned too. Before our cruise (my dad and husband are just going to hang at the resort, and DS and I am going to do eight hours at the MK and then hang at the resort and invite my nephew who lives in Orlando over for the evening), we are staying in a three bedroom/three bath condo (two master bedrooms), a bedroom with two twins, and there is a pull out bed at Grand Beach 1 (Diamond Resorts). It has a kitchen with open LV/DR and patio or balcony (similar setup to most timeshare condos in Orlando) and looks like it's in a nice setting on a lake. There is a pull out bed too. We booked just like a hotel with a cancelable rate and will decline any resort tours which are timeshare presentations (something to definitely say no to that you have no obligation whatsoever to do). They don't appear to have much in the way of food options onsite, but it looks like a nice setting with lots of recreational activities for hanging out. Here is a link.

The deals on these places are when you book for a week and rent from an owner. But we like you just want two nights, so this time are booking this like a hotel which includes maid service, etc. and is more like a hotel in terms of price per night. Our rate for something we could cancel 48 hour in advance was about $320 a night including all taxes and fees which would be within your budget. There are savings to be had with non refundable rates, but we wanted the flexibility in case we change plans or cancel.

I also second the Sheraton Vistana too. We have stayed there with our kids many times and are staying elsewhere just due to a preference to have three bedrooms/baths (two are what the Vistana has) and change things up as we have done the Sheraton Vistana so many times.
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