Recommendations for a private family photographer? *Not in the parks*

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by travelfearlessly, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. travelfearlessly

    travelfearlessly Mouseketeer

    Feb 20, 2015
    Can anyone recommend a family photographer in the Orlando area? I want to hire a photographer for our upcoming vacation. I usually go with Flytographer for our vacation photography but there's only one photographer in the Orlando area to choose from and I'm not too impressed with her portfolio. I'm looking to have our session at either the Boardwalk or at our resort (Port Orleans Riverside). I checked out the official Disney photo services and am not interested in that either. I'd rather have something more natural than the photos they have on their website and my budget definitely isn't $1,000 :)
  2. Jimmy Mouse

    Jimmy Mouse My other car is the Monorail

    Sep 3, 2017
    I would search for the "Baby Photographers" in the Orlando area and send them a message. They do hospitals for newborns and most are independent photographers. Might be worth a shot. (no pun intended)

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