Reasons to love Disney, and a few that make us not like Disney so much...

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    Reasons to love Disney, and a few that make us not like Disney so much...
    Well the reasons why we don't like Disney so much is not because of Disney but more like the people in it ;)

    Reasons why we love love love Disney:

    1. My whole family and I have been on all the rides countless times at both WDW and DL, but one that will absolutely NEVER get old it the Tower of Terror. I'm not a fan of elevators too adding to it's suspense.

    2. I'd say a good 98% of the CMs are some of the nicest employed group of people I have ever come across. And that's coming from someone who travels all over the country... NYC probably has the worst unless in a very nice restaurant.

    3. Good thing about WDW during Spring Break is for the baseball lover in my DH and I, SPRING TRAINING!

    4. WDW makes public transportation (well it's like it) pretty enjoyable.

    5. Never underestimating the power of a Kali River Rapids FP in the summer.

    6. Treating your best friend and her twin sisters (who are also you SILs) to a morning of pampering at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

    7. Bringing someone for their first time to WDW. Price per RT airplane ticket from Oregon, $390. Dinner for 6 at Narcossee's, also $390. Mickey hats for everyone, $75. A WDW virgin's first look at Cinderella's castle through Main Street, priceless.

    8. Going on your birthday is a must, you're treated like an extra VIP member.

    9. We always make it a point to eat at: Liberty Tree Tavern and MK(lunch only!), Narcoossee's at the GF, Shula's Steakhouse at the S&D (even though we have one in Portland), Le Cellier at EPCOT, Ohana at Poly, Pizza Planet at DHS (We all <3 Toy Story), at least one breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe at AK and finally 50's Primetime at DHS. All those restaurants alone, are worth the semi-annual trip.

    10. Free robots, free leis and free good times.

    11. Because I really might be the happiest place on earth. If not, it's darn close.

    12. Seeing people while the Monster Inc Laugh Floor refuse to cooperate, it's funny how stubborn they are :laughing:

    13. For a runner like me who likes to run at leat 3 miles a day, the Boardwalk area is IDEAL, but WDW in general is very good about that.

    14. Because Buzz Lightyear is sexy!

    15. The FP!

    16. When it's time for drinks around the world at EPCOT, the CMs there are usually very fun to talk to. It's amazing to me how well the people of the WS can speak English and they are always down for talking about their home countries, my DH and I spend days there. He was also born in Italy so and would go back every summer as a kid to stay with his grandparents so in the Italy Pavillion, we spend extra time!

    17. The opposite of rudeness: are those gentlemen who stand up to let a lady/child/wiser and more aged folk sit down on a bus. That's how you know if your guy is a keeper :lovestruc

    18. Test Track and Expedition Everest having a single riders line, when you've been on the ride countless times, you get over the fact of riding with your loved ones. Single riders lines usually save tons and tons of time esp on the rides that usually have the worst wait times anyway. Plus, I'm riding in the same car as some one I know anyway, just in the same row.

    19. How it never really hits you that you're actually at WDW until you finally take that first glimpse at the castle, then you know you're home.

    20. Even with the big family we have, going to the World is never stressful anymore, we have it down!!! And WDW is very good about being family friendly and we are in turn, nice to them and other park go-ers, we try to break up into groups as much as possible, for your pleasure.

    Thing at WDW that aren't so enjoyable.

    The Rudeness;
    1. I put what I put at #20 for a reason, to be close to this one. It's not fun when you're in line with you DH and a huge family joins the one person saving the place in line. Plus, does every member of the family have to be together at all times? It's like you wait in line, no spot saving- it's sooooo cheating and I wish there was a way to control this.

    2. People using their stollers as rammers, just because you have to haul that thing around everywhere doesn't mean my calves have to suffer. I'll sick my sister-in-law on you! She's only 5 but she is very smart and very feisty! :rotfl:

    3. Just because you can't tell time ans show up late for your reservation, shouldn't mean you're allowed to cut in front of all of us who arrived on time/early.

    4. I'm short, only 5'2" and my DH is 6'5". This is directed to people like him who don't understand that they're giants and while watching a parade, fireworks show, etc., there's usually someone behind you so be courteous and don't put you child on your shoulders. If your son can't see over the person who is 5'6" in front of him, do you really think ANYONE can see over the 8' of person you have created.

    5. This goes for anywhere there's a show: this isn't your house so believe it or not you're not the only person/people here. Please keep the laughter less than a the decible level of an airplane and refrain from talking. If your phone goes off, I will use mine to throw it at you head. Thank you and enjoy.

    6. Come on, we're not at the sit down kind of restaurants at all times, sometimes we eat at a counter service place where you are expected to bus you own table. I know you know it's busy and tables are limited, I don't want to have to bus the table for you and clean up your mess, you're an adult aren't you?

    7. OK so here's one I have noticed over the years. I've been on the DDP, I've been on the FREE DDP, and I've paid out of pocket. I have felt like when on the free DDP, that your table is ignored a little more than normal- as is the wait staff doesn't give a rats ***. Maybe I'm just paranoid but when the gratuity was included, it didn't seem like anyone cared about earning it.

    Other than rudeness;
    8. It's soooooo hot!!! I'd rather have 115 degree Arizona dry heat than 95 VERY humid icky Florida heat!!!

    9. Ew how that monorail smells like a locker room. And not just any locker room, the locker room of the HS your basketball team hated played simply b/c of the stinky locker room.

    10. We seem to always run out of time, we go 2 weeks everytime and we always run out of time to do the things we all want to do, sad!
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    Great list! Thanks for taking the time. I especially liked #12- the Monster's Inc. one. Congrats on your future edition- Cameron. Won't it be fun to share the Disney magic with him! :yay:

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