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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by kingcole, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. kingcole

    kingcole Mouseketeer

    May 20, 2007
    Here's the situtation....

    Having done the WB TA in 2007 on the Magic, we have just convinced our friends, (also 2 adults, kids are 9 + 5) to take the EB TA in April 2010.

    We have chosen the TA's as living in UK we only have to find half the flight and they really are so much better value when compared to say a 7 day Carribbean.

    Anyhow, our friends then noticed that RCI are doing a TA at the same time on Independance of the sea. Having travelled on Liberty of the seas, I agree these are great ships, but I think when compared, like for like, Disney will win. Naturally RCI was less money. Here is the list of Pro's for both ships. Anything you can add would be really helpful


    Inside is $450 cheaper on RCI
    Outside is $1100 cheaper on RCI
    Balcony is $2800 cheaper on RCI.

    Pros for RCI Cruise

    Larger boat. At 160k ton, its currently the largest afloat
    Has a casino on board
    No flights home as cruise finishes in Southampton.
    Has a great kids play area at the pool
    Amazing ‘street’ with shops and bars

    Pros for Disney

    Leaves from Port Canaveral so easier for a stay in Orlando 1st
    No charge for soft drinks at the pool or meals
    No Casino
    Rotational 3 dining rooms so not same one every night
    Disney themed shows
    Disney Characters
    Has a kids play pool with slide
    Has a massive movie screen on the ships funnel which you can watch from the family pool
    5 star service
    Chance of an upgrade when booking an inside room
    1st stop is the Bahamas(Castaway Quay) rather than straight across the Atlantic
    Bigger rooms with unique split bathroom
    Out of this world kids program
    On board pirates night with fireworks
    $250 on board credit
    Enforced adult only area and pool (both have but poorly enforced on RCI. Nice when kids are in club)
  2. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink DIS Veteran

    Dec 19, 2006
    :goodvibes Haven't ever cruised RCI....
    but that being said, doesn't a bigger ship mean more people? To me, that is not always a positive thing.
    How about Palo on DCL? Do they have something like that on RCI?
    How do the cabin sizes compare?
    Do they have free room service on RCI?
    Good Luck....
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  4. NancyIL

    NancyIL DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    I am considering Disney's eastbound Transatlantic cruise for April 2010, and noticed that RCI's Navigator of the Seas has a 14-night TA the same dates between Miami and Civitavecchia (port closest to Rome) for less money. I prefer the ports on the RCI cruise, and I have been on 7 previous Royal Caribbean cruises so I know what to expect. (Yes, RCI has free room service - unless you order it in the wee hours of the morning.) On the other hand, DCL's Transatlantic cruise is currently the best bang for the Disney buck, and I'd like to give Disney one more try.

    This much I know: spending a few days at WDW prior to either eastbound cruise will be a crowded and expensive option because it is Easter week.
  5. DVCconvert

    DVCconvert DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2004
    If you want to remain friends with these people, I'd advocate not pushing too hard. Lay out the facts as you see them (sounds like you have) and let them decide. That way, it IS up to them.
  6. texfinn

    texfinn DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2009
    How about the ability to openly bring alcohol on board? I have never sailed with DCL (our first cruise is in May) but do remember that when we sailed on RC, you had to SNEAK alcohol in -- it was a big deal if you got caught.

    I don't know if that matters to you or your friends but to us, it is a "nice" perk for this cruise.
  7. kingcole

    kingcole Mouseketeer

    May 20, 2007
    We also noticed the trip to Rome, but for us the attraction with Independance was the size/facilities on board and the fact it finished in Southampton. For us, this is a 1h drive home, rather than flights and a drive.

    Im not trying to push either way, just looking for some pointers from some more seasoned Disney cruisers to justify the extra cost. I think if we had made up our mind to book a balcony then RCI would win hands down, as that kind of saving can't be sniffed at, but we were leaning towards a CAT12/11 or possibly a CAT9, and here the price difference is smaller.

    I also pointed out that every year RCI prob do a dozen + TA's where last time Disney did was in 2007 and no one knows when the next will be.

    But any reasons why you would choose Disney over RCI, or even RCI over Disney on this route would be appreciated.

  8. NancyIL

    NancyIL DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    I really do like Royal Caribbean, but if booking an inside - I would go with DCL for the small price difference. You're right that RCI does several Transatlantic crossings every year, whereas this is a special cruise for DCL. However, that logic didn't overcome the HUGE pricetag on DCL's Baltic and Med cruises for 2010!

    I am not a seasoned DCL cruiser, but I would probably choose this cruise over a TA on RCI. I'm not too excited about all of the sea days in a row on most Transatlantic cruises, but I think DCL will offer more to do that appeals to me than on an RCI ship. I can play only so much trivia on RCI, and I don't gamble!

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