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Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by kidzmom3, Oct 9, 2001.

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    Sep 14, 2001
    My husband and I will be having our tenth wedding anniversary in January 2003. We are deeply interested in a renewal of our wedding vows. We also love Disney and though 2000 was our first trip we have already made a trip this year. So I am wondering if anyone knows if they will do a renewal ceremony. Would it be considered a wedding, or different? Do they have a catholic priest available for the ceremony? Lastly has anyone done this? I think it would be very romantic. Ideally we would go for a few days with our kids, have the ceremony and then someone (in our family) could stay with the kids while we have 2 or so days alone together. Or maybe we could cruise on the Disney line after. Anyway, any thoughts?
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    Mar 28, 2001
    I am not 100% sure about renewing, but I am also interested. DH and I were married at the WP in 98 and would like to renew for our 10 year (as you can tell, I can't wait to do it again). I remember them having small packages designed for this purpose. I think they have some pretty good locations as the beach point at the POLY with the castle in the background! Anyway, I had like 6 different ministers to choose from. They did a non-denominational (sp) service, but I believe it could have been catholic. If you contact the Fairytale Wedding Department, they will send you an awesome video that I watched about 100 times before my wedding.
    Good luck and congrats!
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  4. poohlover

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    Aug 19, 1999

    A ferw years ago we were in Disney for our 18th anniv. and did a renewal ceremony thru Gifts of a Lifetime. We had contacted Jane about a b-day surprise for my hubby, then read more about her sevices and went with this also.

    We did our own ceremony on the beach at the poly, Jane got flowers, ear hats, a glass slipper (for the rings)...and more that I can't think of right now. She can not arrange a minister on Dis property. For that you have to go thru Disney, which was easily twice as much and had things we just didn't want , like a limo for a certain period of time. She even arranged a cake and champange for latter that same eve. while we watched the fireworks on the beach.

    We have 6 kids and just standing on the beach having the kids do some bible readings, and saying our original vows was really special to us. I even found a VERY inexpensive plain bridal dress and brought it with me.

    Talk to Jane at Gifts of a Lifetime.
  5. Eeyore1928

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    Aug 14, 2001
    We got married there and are thinking about our re-newal already! Now you have to doa regular wedding package..either intimate or custum. We were not allowed to have a catholic priest there because the church did not reconize the WP as a place to be we had our marriage blessed a few months later. Disney has a great website.....I cannot remember the exact address but I beleive it is I think. We are looking at either the WL or the beach at the Poly for our renewal. The average intimate wedding is about 4-4,500...after you add a few things. Good Luck...and Congratulations!
  6. Janet2k

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    Jul 26, 2000
  7. ahutton

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    Jun 1, 2000
    I know they will do renewal ceremonies, but you may have some challenges with the Catholic part. My husband and I were married there in 1996, and had to do a "regular" ceremony, and then come home and have our marriage blessed by the church. The Bishop of Orlando was not inclined to grant dispensation for any Catholic ceremony to take place on the Disney property. However, with a renewal you may have different luck, as it is not an "official" ceremony recognized and sacramental in the church. Your best starting place for an officiant is to contact one of the churches in the area directly, as selecting the officiant of a ceremony is outside the Disney wedding event plans. If you have any other questions I can help with let me know!

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