Re: dissin' the boy bands...

Joe Cool

E vai!
Nov 8, 2000
OK, I'm a guy, but I've kind of had it. Like Justin said, I'm sick and tired of know the rest. I read some kid's reply to an excited NSync fan's thread, and seeing all this dissent on here made me want to say something. This is what I posted.


Re: DDAB's comment...

This happens a lot. People say stuff...but seriously, most of us have no idea what it's like to be in the music industry, let alone be an internationally recognized celebrity whose every action (almost) comes under scrutiny. These people deserve credit for being talented and working their asses off, whether they're guys or girls. They don't deserve having their careers trivialized and written off, simply based upon a series of publicity. As a whole, it's a business...but the members of these groups are people, so we gotta treat 'em like people. Personally, I have no right to hate on any of the boy bands anyway, because what they do IS a good thing, regardless of what kind of music I like. You know what pisses me off even more? When guys, my friends included, joke that the guys in N'Sync, or Backstreet, or O-Town, or whatever, are gay. Who the hell do they think they are saying that, aside from the fact that it makes them feel good about themselves? The real question is, why do some guys NEED to do this in order to save face? I've got this 'Peace Through Music' bumper sticker on my car...i figure it means a lot more than having stickers from bands I dig, and it saves me explaining my tastes to naysayers. Let's spread the peace, not give people a chance to forget what this music exists for. This has all been said before, but for some reason I felt like saying it now, don't ask me why.


Alright. Come on you guys, I don't want to see the mods close down another perfectly happy
'noodle salad' thread because of some yutz with a soapbox and a modem. Ciao...

Peace out,

I know what you mean Joe. Even though I don't personally like boy bands, I don't go blowing people off like that. I respect people's personal interests, but not always their opinions.

BTW, Joe, have you seen the sign-up for The Amazing Race 2? I remember you were part of the Survivor game.

My schedule is so packed this year, that I wouldn't even have time for another online game. Sorry! I'm sure it'll be fun, but I'll have to take a rain check.

Thanks for this post Joe.
As a fan of these groups i appreciate it.
People should respect what other people think UNLESS it is a dangerous thought or something that could cause harm to other people. Liking this type of music is not harming anyone so it shouldn't be anyone's problem.

JC why are you soo cool?

you alwasy know what to say and you are just cool....guess thats why your name is Joe COOL! hehe
lol ya! Personally, I like boy bands...I don't mind if people don't..dont be like all bringing the people down who do, ya know? Let people think what they want. We are all different, if not we'd all like Britney Spears, which would be a pretty sad
I like Brit and some boy bands and I'm 18 yo male.



I don't usually post on the TB but yeah. Hi.

LOL Hi Hesed.

People should just respect each other, it would make the world such a happier place.
they are probably some of the most talented people in music today. i listen to there music. i guess i like people who write there own music. i know some of them do and that is why i listen.
i agree w/ supercarrie... people SHOULD respect each other... that means you must even respect people who have the opinion that boy bands stink... and take theyre opinion for what it is worth and let that be the end w/ it...
I respect everyone's opinion about music.. I do, however, have more trouble respecting someone who says something like "boybands suck" rather than someone who explains their feelings articulately. :)

Hi spago. :)
LOL you're still a teen, you can post on the teen board.
(hey, want to tell the Harvard admissions office that they should accept me? ;) I had my interview a week ago but I doubt I'll actually get in :D)


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