Ranking the MCU pre Infinity War.

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    Feb 20, 2010
    What is your rank of the MCU thus far, you can do the top 3, 4, 5 or all doesn't matter. Here's mine worse to favorite. I've seen all at least twice, except Black Panther which once I watch a second time I think it will go up.

    18. Thor 2 Dark World. I liked the Loki Odin drama and thought the ending was good.
    17. The Incredible Hulk. Not sure if this is canon, thought the Hulk by Ang Lee was superior.
    16. Iron Man 2. Just a mess
    15. Spider Man:Homecoming. Shouldn't have sold it as a John Hughes like movie, not anywhere close. Rami's Spiderman 2 is still the best Spider-Man movie and probably my favorite superhero movie. I
    14. Thor. Enjoyable Crocodile Dundee humor, forgettable though.
    13. Doctor Strange. Good movie to much of a Iron Man clone though
    12. Captain America Civil War. Great action really like this movie but something was missing, maybe the bland villain.
    11. Black Panther. I think this moves up after a rewatch, Killmonger stole the movie.
    10. Avengers. Loved it, parts of it looked like a tv show.
    9. Captain America: First Avenger. Great movie, wish Red Skull was more, if that makes sense.
    8. Ant Man. Kills me to be here, easily the most rewatchable.
    7. GOTG. The beginning kills me like Bambi. Lame underdeveloped villain brings it down.
    6. Iron Man. Hits all the right beats, if the villain would have been more it would have been 1.
    5. Thor Ragnorak: It's really hard to rank starting here, loved this movie, loved the humor, best image in the MCU. Thor on the bridge/dock
    4. Iron Man 3. I love this movie, love Tony Stark and the kid. Love Pepper becoming a freak, hope they do something with it though I think they won't. Loved Ben Kingsley's Trevor.
    3. GOTG 2. Great movie, Mantis is a riot Kurt Russell was great, I'm Mary Poppins.
    2. Avengers AOU. Want to put it first, but can't. James Spader killed it, the final battle was great. Loved Clint's home scene. Only knock was not developing Quicksiliver more for the payoff and some weird random scenes, like Thor's.
    1. Captain America Winter Soldier. Everything hits in this one, Robert Redford, the bubble gum, on your left, Samuel L Jackson. Mall scene. Ranks up there as the best comic book movie of all time with Spider-Man 2 and Burton's Batman.

    Bonus best scenes in the MCU.

  2. BrianL

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Wow, it's so tough to do since I really like all of them. Some are weaker than otehrs though, so I'll give it a stab:

    18. The Incredible Hulk - I mean, it's pretty good, but not so memorable.
    17. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - I think this got a little too bloated, but there is still a lot ot love.
    16. Thor - By the numbers, but perfectly fine.
    15. Iron Man 2 - Doesn't deserve the grief it gets, mostly because of Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer.
    14. Avengers: Age of Ultron - A step down from the first, but still pretty cool.
    13. Iron Man 3 - Also doesn't deserve the grief - The kid is awesome!
    12. Black Panther - I'll actually say this was overrated - still very good but a tad too long.
    11. Thor: The Dark World - Funnier means better!
    10. Captain America: Civil War - So much great stuff, even if the characters could've been more reasonable.
    9. Guardians of the Galaxy - A fun movie that I didn't think they'd pull off.
    8. Spider-Man: Homecoming - A great re-introduction of the character.
    7. Doctor Strange - A movie not afraid to get a little weird.
    6. Captain America: Winter Soldier - I actually also think it's overrated and I think it could have had more levity, but it's a compelling watch every time.
    5. Iron Man - The cornerstone and a great introduction to the universe.
    4. Thor: Ragnarok - Just too much fun!
    3. Captain America: The First Avenger - Inspirational and proof that they got the character right.
    2. Avengers - Pretty much pitch perfect.
    1. Ant-Man - Yup, it's my favroite. It has the most heart.
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  3. FlightlessDuck

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    Jun 20, 2006
    18. Thor 2 Dark World.
    17. The Incredible Hulk.
    16. Iron Man 2.
    15. Thor.
    14. Iron Man 3.
    13. Avengers Age of Ultron.
    12. GOTG 2.
    11. Doctor Strange.
    10. Captain America Civil War.
    9. Ant Man.
    8. Spider Man:Homecoming.
    7. Captain America: First Avenger.
    6. Iron Man.
    5. Thor Ragnorak
    4. Avengers.
    3. GOTG.
    2. Black Panther.
    1. Captain America Winter Soldier.
  4. maverik85

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    Jul 27, 2016
    18. Iron Man 2 - just felt weak and the villains weren't great. story jumped around a lot.
    17. Thor: The Dark World - the visuals were good and Loki/Thor together were great as always, but the Earth side of things pulled it down a bit and the villain was probably the worst int he MCU.
    16. The Incredible Hulk - It's not bad but is pretty forgettable overall.
    15. Thor - he opening in Asgard and Jotenheim was great but the rest felt blah. Was a good character start for Thor and Loki is one the best villains/anti-heroes so that helps the film some but not enough.
    14. Avengers: Age of Ultron - Story just wasn't as strong and felt like it was too focused on world building with introducing Klaw and the infinity stone vision for Thor and not as much on the current situation and Utron
    13. Iron Man 3 - Think Tony's story line was good and was a nice focus on how the battle in NY and his near death experience impacted him, but Killian wasn't a great villain and I didn't mind the Mandarin switch and felt it worked overall (though would still love to see the real Mandarin) but Killian couldn't carry it on his own with him gone.
    12. Iron Man - strong story and start to the MCU but just didn't resonate with me the way it did with others for some reason.
    11. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - like the Ego/Peter story line an had some good humor but the rest felt like it jumped around or meandered too much. Wasn't bad but just not as tight of a story The Sovereign felt unnecessary and just a setup for Adam Warlock alter on. Think they could have been cut and it would have helped the film
    10. Doctor Strange - strong acting and great visuals help elevate another origin story with a similar feel.
    9. Ant-Man - A fun flick that has a great cast. the smaller scale i think helps give it a more personal feel and not everything has to be a world threat. The villain story was too similar to Iron Man's but the story being more of a heist film gave it a fresher feel
    8. The Avengers - The cast meshed together well and was great to see them all meet up for the first time. The action was great and the movie was well paced, the only really detractor is i felt there wasn't much of a strong overall story just a thin excuse to get them to meet up and form the team and introduce Thanos
    7. Thor: Ragnarok - Great change to Thor's franchise that really helped show his humor as well. The biggest issue for me was that it felt like they were trying to cram two movies into one. Felt like there was a comedic Planet Hulk movie tossed into the middle of a dark Ragnarok movie creating a constantly shifting tone and not enough focus to do much with Hela making her come of pretty one dimensional despite Blanchett's great acting
    6. Captain America: The First Avenger - thought it was a great movie. Really got to understand Steve's motivations and him as a character and was a nice progression to him truly becoming Captain America. It never felt like the movie dragged either. Red Skull was a pretty one note villain overall but was well acted and just enough to keep him from being completely one dimensional
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy - the humor was great and was something new in the MCU at the time as well, Ronan was fairly one dimensional but was good to see more of Thanos as well
    4. Spider-Man Homecoming - Tom Holland is my favorite Spider-Man, felt he really captured the entirety of the character. The Vulture is easily one of the best villains as well
    3. Black Panther - Everything about the movie was great. The humor was a surprise and worked well all through and Killmonger was a great villain with some strong motivations you could understand
    2. Captain America Civil War - the buildup to this movie really helped it as you could understand everyone and their reasons for doing what they did. The movie flies by despite a long run time and has some of the best action scenes like the airport battle and Steve and Tony's battle. Manages to give big spectacle without losing the emotion
    1. Captain America Winter Soldier - Everything worked so well together. That small team of Cap, Falcon, and Black Widow were great, love the spy thriller feel and not knowing who to trust and the Hydra twist was such a big shake up to the whole universe.

    Despite any rankings of the films I don't feel there's a truly bad one in the bunch. The bottom few are just ok, but feel that even the low ranked ones like Iron Man 3 are good movies.
  5. GrimGrinningGhost85

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    May 28, 2018
    18. Iron Man 3
    17. Iron Man 2
    16. Thor The Dark World
    15. Avengers: Age of Ultron
    14. The Incredible Hulk
    13. Ant-Man
    12. Captain America: The First Avenger
    11. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2
    10. Thor Ragnarok
    9. Doctor Strange
    8. Thor
    7. Captain America Civil War
    6. The Avengers
    5. Spider-Man Homecoming
    4. Iron Man
    3. Guardians Of The Galaxy
    2. Black Panther
    1. Captain America The Winter Soldier

    Admittedly I grew up with DC Comics. So most of my exposure to Marvel has been the movies. Iron Man 2 and 3 are my bottom two and killed whatever interest I have in seeing another solo Iron Man movie. While Winter Soldier and Black Panther to me are the cream of the crop.

    Infinity War would be somewhere in the middle. Kind of overhyped if I am going to be honest.
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