Rank the DVC Resorts


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Feb 12, 2014
This has probably been done before but I'm bored while waiting for my contract to pass ROFR.

I'd love to see how everyone ranks all of the DVC resorts....Your favorite to your least favorite. In list format.

You don't have to have stayed there before. You can base your opinion on photos/videos/whatever. I need to do more research before I make my list because I know very little about some of them. I just know my list will likely start like this...

1. Villas at The Grand Californian
2. Boulder Ridge Villas
3. Copper Creek Villas

Gonna edit this later! Let's see your lists!


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Aug 3, 2019
Rank of favorite places to stay (encompasses the room, the resort itself, and the 'perks of the resort' such as transportation/park access), based on stays at mostly studios:
  1. Polynesian*
  2. Grand Californian*
  3. Riviera*
  4. Beach Club
  5. Aulani
  6. BoardWalk
  7. Grand Floridian
  8. Saratoga
  9. Animal Kingdom - Jambo
  10. Bay Lake Tower
  11. Old Key West
* where we own

While they're at the bottom of our list, we would consider staying at OKW and BLT again in larger villas, but definitely not in studios again.

Reserving judgement:
  • Copper Creek - Have stayed in a Cabin (highly recommend), but not a regular room so it's a bit hard to judge
  • Boulder Ridge - Haven't stayed here, first trip is soon
  • Animal Kingdom, Kidani - Haven't stayed here, first trip likely later this year
  • Hilton Head - Haven't stayed, almost certainly never will
  • Vero Beach - Haven't stayed, likely never will


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Jun 7, 2011
Owner since 2006. And at some point we've owned at OKW, HHI, BWV, AKV, CCV. We have stayed at them all (on east coast). A lot at some. We used to live up north. Live in Kissimmee now. Still stay 1-2 nights every month or so. Our kids are all mid 20s. Our faves are...at WDW...

1) BWV....we love for location (walk to 2 parks) and for lower point cost. Plus we own bulk of points here. Theme is cute and all, not super duper wowing. But location is the main draw. We love Epcot most so....

2) BCV and RR for location too....Epcot. RR is newer and more swanky but more points so these are pretty equal.

3) SSR. Love walking into DS and love the new room style with murphy beds. Point cost is low ish. And it's a pretty quiet resort. Always easy (relatively) to book. Wish I could trade our CCV pts for SSR.

4) So...AKV for club level and animals and dining. Plus it is closest to our house. Like 15 mins. The theme is killer too. Points aren't crazy bad.

5) CCV...love the calmness for a MK resort. Love the theme. We like Geyser Point. BRV is good too but we own CCV so it wins out. And, like AKV, we prefer the main lodge at both.

Everything else is bottom. Now we like the others too for various reasons. But the ones above are what I aim to book when I book a room at WDW. But if resort only and no considerations of location or point cost...VGF is a fave of mine for decor and room size and just feel of resort. DH hates all things MK so he's not a fan plus its high point cost. Poly, I like the room layout and theme of resort but it is a very noisy room and high point cost. And BLT is nice for some stuff but also noisy and high point cost. OKW is just okay (big rooms, boat to DS and low point cost but no walking to parks and bland theme).

Love HHI and liked Vero too....like HHI most of the two. HHI is one of our very faves of all DVC but an apples to oranges comparison with the WDW resorts. But HHI is up there on our list. We owned there and I wanted to buy a house there instead of FL. But DH wanted a more definitive year round warm weather place. So here we are. But I LOVE my HHI.
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Oct 23, 2022
1) Grand Californian
2) Aulani
3) Beach Club
4) Boardwalk
5) Grand Floridian
6) Animal Kingdom
7) Riviera
8) Copper Creek
9) Bolder Ridge
10) Bay Lake Tower
11) Polynesian
12) Saratoga Springs
13) Old Key West
14) Hilton Head
15) Vero Beach

Maistre Gracey

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Apr 23, 2002
It’s easier to do from the bottom up…

Bay Lake
Grand Floridian - 1 ***
Aulani *
Hilton head
Polynesian **
Beach Club
Grand Floridian - 2
Copper Creek
Grand Cal
Animal Kingdom
Boulder Ridge

* Never been
** If they left it as the *old Poly*, would be top
*** looks like a box


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Jul 21, 2019
Can I participate in this based on only what I have stayed at first hand?
1) Riveria
3) Beach Club
4) Saratoga Springs*
5) Boardwalk
6) Animal Kingdom Lodge

AKL got a bad rep from me because our only trip was a bust here. Kids uninterested in animals, quick service was not awesome, room was meh, issues with laundry service (why is everything broken?!)… need to give it another shot but not in a hurry versus other resorts.

Staying at BRV for the Holidays this year and I CANNOT WAIT!

*I own here


Oct 24, 2007
1. CCV
2. VGF
3. BWV
4. Poly
5. BCV
6. BRV
7. RIV
8. AKV
9. OKW
10. BLT
11. SSR

Outside of DW
1. AUL
2. GCV
3. HHV

Just My Favorites based on Location, Amenities , Points Value.
I hate BLT rooms and pool is awful. SSR location is miserable but has good Point value and Resort is beautiful.
Location of AKL is the only drawback here. Maybe the Most beautiful resort.
Just my Opinion. I've stayed everywhere in DW , Never stayed at GCV or AUl. next year.
I own @ CCV and GFV. Have owned @ HHI and BRV


There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
Jul 27, 2014
1. Boardwalk- (own at). Love the location, size of the resort and point cost
2. BRV/CCV (own BRV)- Serenity of the resort (particularly Boulder Ridge pool area), Geyser Point and easy access to MK
3. Beach Club- location and SAB (though crowded)
4. Riviera- Topolino's is our favorite, skyliner access and walking to CBR for a change of pace for quick service or Sebastians
5. GF- design and decor, ease to MK
6. AKL- grounds for viewing animals, Boma and extra bathroom in 1 and 2 BR and point cost
7. Poly- size of resort, ease to MK but don't like only studio options and how loud it always is in the lobby and pool areas (opinion will change once towers are built)
Haven't stayed at BLT, OKW or SS so can't rank

1. HHI- absolutely love all things about the resort and HH in general
Staying at VB next month so will be able to compare better
Never stayed at Aulani or California


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May 11, 2010
1. Beach Club
2. Animal Kingdom Jambo
3. Copper Creek
4. Animal Kingdom Kidani
5. Old Key West
6. Boulder Ridge
7. Boardwalk
8. Riviera
9. Poly
10. Contemporary
11. Saratoga Springs
12. Grand Floridian

My goal is to stay at all of these. So far I have stayed at Beach Club, Animal Kingdom (both buildings), Copper Creek, Old Key West, Boardwalk, Contemporary, Saratoga and Grand Floridian.

Honestly, I don't hate any of them. They all have things that I like about them and things I don't. No resort is perfect.
Beach Club just holds a special place in my heart and I love the lazy river. Animal Kingdom is my first home... I love the vibe, the animals and the coziness. Old Key West feels like a vacation away from the parks. My reason for the low ranking of Saratoga (I own there), is I just don't love the theming but I do love the rooms and the proximity to Disney Springs. And as for Grand Floridian, it just didn't do it for me. Boring and stuffy. I didn't like the monorail as much as I though I would and the rooms had paper thin walls. The rooms themselves were lovely, but it just didn't feel that impressive for the price.


Aug 1, 2021
I’ll play. I also want to say I love seeing OKW at the bottom of most people’s list. That means I’ll always be able to get a room there. 🤣🤣 This is just where I’ve stayed. I’m a relatively new owner and want to stay everywhere eventually.

1.OKW (especially the 2 bedroom)
2. Poly
3. AKV Kidani Savannah view
4. Boardwalk
5. Saratoga Springs
6. Riviera


Nov 2, 2010
OKW does seem to fall to the bottom of a lot of lists, so (listing only places I've stayed on points and it's usually a 1 bedroom or larger):

1. Old Key West
2. Boardwalk
3. Beach Club
4. Grand Californian

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Mar 27, 2014
CCV - own at CCV and it tops them all for us - definitely home, sweet Disney home!
HHI - also own there - it's our winter getaway from the cold and snow and my "be at peace" place
BRV - love the Lodge and the revamped rooms look great, though we've never stayed there - but it's the Lodge!!
BCV - love the location - Yacht Club was our favorite resort prior to buying into DVC
BLT - cannot beat a theme park view room and the walk to MK - magical!
BWV - never stayed, but again we love that location
RIV - love the resort and location, hate the point chart - also needs some mid-tier dining and a proper indoor lounge
AKV - never stayed, but it's on our list - love, love the dining options
Poly - we don't stay in studios, but we do adore this resort - the new tower will probably push this up the list
VGC - this is a hard one, as we rarely make it to the left coast but if we do that's where we want to stay (and doubt VDH will change that)
GFV - too stuffy for us, but love the dining options - fun place to visit but I wouldn't want to "live" there
VB - haven't stayed there, but it looks nice and hope to try it out
SSR - DS location would be nice, but it's too big and spread out for us
OKW - hate to put the OG dead last, but the limited dining / lounge options, few elevators and size make this a no go

I didn't include Aulani as we've never been to Hawaii. We'll be there in October for the first time though, and are prepared to be blown away!
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Feb 5, 2004
Our top favourites ...
  1. Grand Californian (because it is beautiful, close to home and has the full gamut of unit sizes)
  2. The Cabins at Copper Creek (if this were 'close to home' it might become my home!)
  3. Aulani
  4. Animal Kingdom Lodge (slight preference for the Lodge vs Kidani)

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