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    Greetings from the USA!:rolleyes:

    Best Friend & I will be flying to DLP May 26 and taking the train to London on June 1. We specifcally want to take a morning/afternoon train in order to see the countryside and get to London before dark.

    It seems the cheapest rate I can find is $344. Is this typical? It leaves DLP around 10am, stops in Lille, & continues to London. I'm looking for the cheapest option and am asking for your help, as I've never taken a train in my life!

    Once in London we will take another train out to Windsor, and possibly Oxford. I don't think there's a way to combine these tickets from DLP, but I'm just checking.

    Please send any & all advice, as I'd like to purchase the tickets within a week. :hug:
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    I don't think there's anything like that. There's a railcard called the interrail pass which may be useful (take a look via google) but I'm not sure if it's valid to buy from outside of the UK.

    As for the price - that's probably about right - the Eurostar tickets are offered for sale quite early and get gradually more expensive as time goes on.
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    Hi Gayle

    The Eurostar gets booked up quickly, especially as that is the half term holiday in the UK. I would suggest that you fly as it is much cheaper and you really don't see much countryside on the Eurostar as it travels fast.


    If you take the BA flight to Heathrow it is only 12 miles from Windsor. The bus stops at the terminal and takes 37 minutes to get to Windsor.


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