Quick reviews of restaurants... from 5/8-5/17/10 no pics sorry

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    Jul 5, 2000
    Just want to write quick reviews of the restaurants. Some stood out some fell by the side.
    I'm not planning to post pics just because I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the piles of pictures I took... :lmao:
    But if someone is curious about the meal just let me know and I'll try my best to post it.

    Chef from each restaurant came to see us because of the allergy notation on our ADRs. I will put a note down below if there are any extraordinary ones in our experience.

    * : Won't come back
    ** : OK
    ***: Good, maybe we'll return if we run out of other restaurants
    ****: Will definitely return in the future
    ***** : Will definitely wake up at 180day mark to make an ADR again, maybe double... :thumbsup2

    Whispering Canyon Cafe - Dinner

    All you can eat BBQ is AMAZING!
    Western pasta - just good (according to DH)
    Service was good
    Chef was extremely accommodating and checked up on us during the meal.

    Rating: **** I would definitely return to this place. No doubt.

    Ohana - Bfast
    Love the pineapple bread
    The rest of bfast is regular fare, nothing else stood out.
    Chef was wonderful.
    Servers were wonderful as well.
    Both chef and servers came to give us cupcakes for anniv and b'day.

    Rating : ***

    Le Cellier - Dinner
    Salmon - Soooooo good... a bit salty but that's because we ordered the sauces on the side.
    Mushroom risotto - *Droooooool*
    White fish special (I forgot what it's called) - DH said was really good
    Mac & Cheese - OMG!!! Double drool... *let me wipe my keyboard for a minute* :cloud9:

    Chef was excellent. Went above and beyond with suggestions and what he could make for us.

    Rating : ***** and then some....

    Crystal Palace - Bfast
    Good breakfast selection as usual. I did try the french toast puff, it tasted like sugar covered donut to me. Which I like... so no complain.
    Characters were good. Everyone were very engaging except for Pooh that day. Not sure why.
    Server was just OK.

    Rating : *** (would return for characters again if DD wants to)

    Fireworks Dessert Party
    Dessert were good. Not extraordinary... but good.

    The million dollar question: Was it worth the $?
    Answer: For us? You bet your bottom dollar! Not having to stand in line for hours with an infant and stroller, I would pay that $ again. BUT, if our family was larger I would have to seriously rethink that decision. For now, I would do it all over again.

    Rating: ****

    Tusker House - Lunch
    Oh my .... SO GOOD!
    I can eat here every day and be happy about it.
    The samosas, curry chicken, rice... droool...
    Dessert was just ok, which is fine because I didn't have any room left after stuffing my face silly with entree.

    Rating: *****

    Tusker House - Bfast
    Food was EXCELLENT
    This is MY new favorite buffet place for bfast now.
    Everything was clean, plentiful, and NOT crowded.
    Server was wonderful too.
    Chef was very helpful.
    Characters were AWESOME

    Rating: *****

    Sanaa - Dinner
    Oh lordy... everything here is SO good.
    I had the 3 bread appetizer - YUM!!!! Get the raita and hummus dips oh so good!
    For entree I had the appetizer for 2: Samosas, Cauliflower and pork curry. Everything were soooo darn good, except for the rice part on the bottom of the curry pork.
    DH had the tandoori chicken: Also really really good.
    Macaroni & Cheese: Another holy moley it's so good! DD ate the leftover the next day for lunch and wanted more when she finished it... ooops...

    Chef was also really helpful in picking out our choices.

    Rating: ****

    LTT - Dinner
    Food was good as usual.
    Bread and sweet butter - Yummy
    Roast beef was my favorite.

    Server was just ok. The next table server was more attentive to us than our regular server.... weird...

    Chef seemed a bit standoffish... not sure why.

    Rating: ***

    Hollywood & Vine - Lunch
    Food was not that great.
    Nothing in the buffet really caught my attention except for the ice cream machine.
    The roast chicken was good though.
    Chef was just ok.
    Characters were EXCELLENT!!!!

    Suggestion if you are to come here, I think it's best to get the latest bfast as possible. The characters were AWESOME when we first sat down and the place was practically empty.
    DD was playing with Jojo for a good 10 min and Handy Manny as well for a long while. It was wonderful.

    Rating: ** (will return if DD wants it, but I'd pick bfast)

    Cape May Cafe - Dinner
    Food was good. Not as great as I remembered it.
    Seems like the options were reduced from 2 years ago. But I could be wrong.
    My favorite was the clam chowder, bbq rib, and fried cod fish. Everything was was just ok.

    Dessert! Now we're talking... Lava Cake and Flan... nuff said... If I had known, I wouldn't have eaten so much dinner and just skipped to dessert.

    Server was good and chef was also helpful.

    Rating: *** (maybe we'll go for bfast next time)

    Narcoosee's - Dinner
    Sourdough bread : OH SO GOOD!!! With butter and sprinkles of sea salt... yummm
    Calamari - Really good but I think I've had better
    Dh had Halibut - Was really really yummy
    I had Swordfish with mushroom risotto - SO good.

    Dessert I had Gelato sampler: Pistachio, Raspberry, Choc and Cappucino. - The pistachio was the standout... the others were standard
    DH had Strawberry shortcake: I didn't like it but he did like it just fine.
    DD had Vanilla Ice cream - yumm

    Server was excellent
    Chef was also good.

    Rating: ***+ (the only reason we didn't put a 4* is because of the cost. It's REALLY expensive... hehe).


    Writer's Shop at DHS
    Carrot cake cookie - WHEEEOOOH... Yummy with excessive frosting... :lmao:
    Strawberry muffin - eh... not good
    Double chocolate muffin - Good
    Cinnamon bun - eh... not my cuppa tea

    Great burger
    Pastry options were small but the chocolate croissant and chocolate chip muffin were good.

    Boulangerie EPCOT
    Eclair and Choc Croissant - Heavenly as always

    MS Bakery
    Ice cream sandwich - The ice cream was good but the oatmeal cookie was just ok. Chocolate chip one was better

    Contempo Cafe
    Flatbread cheese was ok. Nothing special
    Kids meal turkey sandwich was also just ok.

    Sunshine EPCOT the Land - Bfast
    Hot bfast option was pretty limited. Eggs, french toast, bacon, sausages and some bfast fritata.

    Kids french toast meal was OK. Nothing too great. I wouldn't make an extra effort to come back but they were the only place open I think for CS bfast at EPCOT.

    Ok, I think that's it.
    I had to type everything by memory, so I might miss something.
    LMK if you have any questions or want some specific pictures.
    Thanks to everyone who have typed up their report and helped me decide where to go.
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    Aug 18, 2008
    Excellent summary, thanks!

    May I ask what kind of food allergy you had listed on your reservation? I have some allergies, as does my DD, but none are serious enough for me to alert the restaurants (usually our reactions are fairly minor). For instance, I am allergic to cashews but if I find them in my Chinese food, I can just pick them out and eat the rest with no problem.

    I've always wanted to try Boma but was never convinced it's worth making the bus trip from POFQ. We may rent a car next time so given your stellar review, we just may try it.
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  4. bluejasmine

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    Mar 5, 2005
    Thanks for the reviews! Seems like you like the food at AKL or AK the best. Ive been to Boma for breakfast but not dinner and I want to but my family is a bit picky.. The one I really really want is Jikos! Was going to book for our anniversary but DH asked for Narcosee for the lobster and the view of Wishes..Next trip maybe..
  5. JoePa4Ever

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Your reviews were great - thanks for posting!
  6. cseca

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    Jul 5, 2000
    DD has rice allergy. Not the most common, which makes it a bit challenging. Some people I think gave us an "eh?"-look whenever we mention it.
    We've had some really extreme reaction at home when I failed to read ingredients list on some food... :headache:

    I don't think it's necessary for you to mention your allergy unless you think there are some hidden cashews in food. Although pastries are made in facilities that use nuts. I'm not sure if cashews are on the list... just a bit of info.

    Have fun!

    We tried Jiko several years back the year when they opened and wasn't impressed. I do love Boma and we even had 2 ADRs for them but it wasn't in our cards to eat there. We missed both.
    But we didn't make any ADR for Sana'a and ended up eating there... and I LOVED it. It was so stinkin good.

    Did you like Narcoossees? I love the food, but not the bill... :rotfl:

    Tusker House was so delightful. My brother's family went there 2 years ago and told me they loved it. So I made it a must do this time around. I wasn't disappointed. They were great, both breakfast and dinner. I wished we could have gone more times... :rotfl:

    No problem. Hope it helps
  7. crabbygal902

    crabbygal902 after a lapu lapu, I'm not so crabby anymore

    Feb 17, 2007
    Thanks for the reviews!

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