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    Hi all, haven't posted on the Dis in a long time. We are planning another trip...WOOHOO! We'll be there July 9-23. It's been two years, and I just don't remember some things. I have two DS's. My oldest, 14, has asperger's syndrome. He normally does pretty well, and loves Disney, but somehow, it bring out the worst in my little aspie. I'm used to dealing with that. My youngest, almost 11, was diagnosed with juvenile fibromyalgia last year. I also have fibro, but I'm a grown-up, so it's kinda different. Plus, we go with my parents, and my father has severe arthritis, knee replacement, etc. We plan to get a GAC for both of the boys, and my father. We've always had a GAC with my father and the oldest, but the issues with the youngest are new. My father will be bringing his ECV, and I have a wheelchair for the youngest.

    Ive only done Disney Quest and the water parks once. What is available there to help with mobility issues? If I remember right, the GAC does not apply at the waterparks, correct? What about Disney Quest? Is there anything to help with some of the stairs at the waterparks, an elevator or anything? The last time we went those stairs about did me in, and it will be worse for my youngest. My father is considering coming to the waterparks with us maybe once, he would manage maybe 2 trips up the stairs. I should mention that I am not planning to take the wheelchair to the waterpark, it just doesn't seem like it would help much. We also would not take the ECV.

    If I remember right, I think there is an elevator at Disney Quest, correct? I had planned to take the wheelchair with us when we go there. I recall it being rather crowded, can you use an ECV there?

    Thanks for any help. I just can't remember some of these details. We've been to the parks a number of times, but only to the Fun and More stuff once each, and last time I only had to worry about my aspie, not my fibro child.

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    Just time for a quick answer.

    Disney Quest does have elevators and is ECV accessible to get around, not to ride things. Many attractions require a transfer from a wheelchair to the simulator car.
    This is a great page about DisneyQuest from allearsnet

    Regarding the water parks, the theme park GACs (Guest Assistance Cards) are not used there because they have few accommodations. Guest Services at the water parks can help you with specific access questions.
    Blizzard Beach was built/opened in 1995 and Typhoon Lagoon in 1989, so Blizzard Beach is the more accessible of the 2. You can get a loaned wheelchair at the water parks free of charge, which would be good if you don't want to take your own (wheelchairs and sand do not mix well).
    There are links to the WDW website disABILITY guide for each park at the top of post 2 in the disABILITIES FAQs thread (near the top of this board or follow the link in my signature).

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