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  1. JZCubed

    JZCubed DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    I was looking at another Post asking about Boma, Sanaa, & Jiko.


    The answers were more poll-like and not very descriptive.

    -- Jiko is the 'Signature' that gets most of the high marks.
    -- Sanaa is seemingly second.
    -- Buffet at Boma is likely in third place.

    That all being said, "Why?"

    Nobody mentioned the views or ambiance.

    Can you see the Savannah from all three?

    Is the food from Sanaa and Jiko that similar or is it simply the smell of curry that gets remarks of the food being similar?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala 1937, what a year that was

    Jun 22, 2001
    Savannah views - only at Sanaa, and not after dark. Both Boma and Jiko overlook the AKL pool area where the only animals you'll see are the two-legged kind - including the regular old Florida birds.

    Food at Sanaa and Jiko - it is not all that similar. Sanaa has more Indian influences (note, it's not an Indian restaurant - I've seen posters who were disappointed because they expected an Indian restaurant) and Jiko has more of an African flavor palate. Jiko will also use more of the "upscale" ingredients. At both of them they will have a few selections that are plainer and suited to American palates. Both have wine lists with a good selection of South African wines. You'll see Sanaa throw in some American and South American wines here and there.

    Boma's got some interesting African-inspired items on the menu, but it's still a buffet (which is great if you love buffets).
  3. JZCubed

    JZCubed DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    Excellent description. Thank you.

    I love good food, but I also love a room with a view.

    Personally, if I had to chose just one of them, it seems I'd enjoy Sanaa more than Jiko for the total experience that includes the Savannah over a view of the pool.
  4. Cafeen

    Cafeen DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2009
    Interestingly enough, I happened to have gone to all 3 of them last year (Boma Breakfast, Sanaa and Jiko dinners) and have been to both Boma and Jiko previously as well (incl. Boma Dinner). (And I think the year before, though the Sanaa meal was the special animal caretaker lunch).

    Out of the 3, I prefer Sanaa, by a pretty sizable margin too. The atmosphere is very good (our dinner was ~5pm ish, so still plenty of light) and the grounds are very very nice. Food was excellent (yup, I liked that better than Jiko too) and service was great.

    Jiko was also very good, but it just lacked that... something (and I had been there twice before). It could very well have been the new (to me) shine wearing off, but it just didn't have that extra something that Sanaa did. Plus, the filet was much better with the Macaroni and Cheese than the "risotto". It was far from bad, and was certainly one of the better meals of the trip, but Sanaa just outshined it.

    Boma last year was a flop. Service was poor, food wasn't anything special (why does everyone rave about their breakfast?). The upside is that the breakfast buffet is pretty cheap. Previous dinners were ok, with 2010 being far better than 2011. But breakfast last year left a poor taste in my mouth.

    Also, something to note is that both Boma and Jiko are located at Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House (right next to each other) while Sanaa is over at Kidani Village. They're on the same bus loop, and there may even be a walking path between them? (Is there? I have no idea) so it's not tough to travel between them, but something to keep in mind so you don't end up at the wrong place :).
  5. missmun52

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    Apr 5, 2006
    I love all three and go to Sanaa and Boma each trip now. I think Sanaa is really nice because you get to look at the Savannah out the window. If you want you can ask them for a window seat. Its very relaxing in my opinion. Each one looks amazing in terms of architectural design. Boma the typical busy buffet but the food is exceptional & Jiko is more upscale. I prefer Sanaa out of the three for several reasons but I really do love them all.

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