Question for WDW DVD &VHS buyers


Aug 25, 1999
Not sure where to post this so apologies. Question to y'all. Having bought other official DVDs, I just bought around the world with Mickey and friends VHS from the late 80s. Just like all of the rest, just awful and never uses any of the ride soundtracks. The splash mountain "music" was some miserable attempt at the zippy do at the end and they showed the France and China movies with similar words with a sad accent. For a company with talented filmmakers and imagineers, all of these are just horrific. Anybody have a clue why these are just awful?


SAHG: Stay At Home Grandfather
Dec 5, 2000
Not familiar with that title but it sounds similar to other videos sold at the parks. The videos I have appear to have been produced by a separate arm of Disney...something like "Theme park productions." I'd guess that there wasn't the budget you'd have for a top notch Disney production, and it's likely that the attraction soundtracks were a licensing issue. The titles I have pale in comparison to fan made videos now shown on YouTube.


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