Queens Stitch Hat Offer!

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by QueenDuckie, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. QueenDuckie

    QueenDuckie Queen

    Jul 3, 2006
    The other post was my friends offer because she does not Dis. Her offer is still open for offers. But heres Mine:

    Cowboy Pants x1
    4th of July Hat x1
    Top hat x1
    Gold Ears x1
    Red Lanyard Shirt x1
    Blue VMK t-shirt x1

    Scoreboard Color Purple x1
    Scoreboard Color Red x1
    Captain Nemo's Chair Color Pink x1
    HSM Mic x1
    Ice Chairs x2
    Random Number Generator Color Purple x1
    River Turn right x1
    Waterslide Ride Start x3
    Waterslide Ride Downhill x3
    Galleon Starboard Stern x1
    Gallenon Mast x1
    Galleon Port Stern x1
    Galleon Starboard Bow x1
    Gallen Port Bow x1
    FULL Kali Couch x1
    Penny Press GOLD Edition x1
    Retro Turnstile GOLD Edition x1
    Philharmagic Chair GOLD Edition x1
    Number Generator GOLD Edition x1
    Scoreboard GOLD Edition x1
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Yellow x1
    Disneyland Velvet Room Rope Divider GOLD Edition x1
    Snow Carpet x2
    Gray Coffee Table Crate x61
    Coffee Table Crate Color Brown x3
    Blue Philharmagic Chair Color Blue x5
    Philharmagic Chair Color Red x2
    Flying Carpet Chair Color Green x4
    Flying Carpet Chair Color Yellow x3
    Coffin Couch x1
    Aquarium Water Cooler x2
    Bear Rug x1
    Spades Playing Card Rug Color Green x2
    Spades Playing Card Carpet Color White x8
    Bamboo Floor Color Red x1
    Skeleton At The Helm x2
    Lumiere x1
    Skeleton Monkey lamp x3
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Color Yellow x1
    Pirate Map table x1
    Ariel Treasure Chest Color Pink x4
    Saddle Seats Sofa Color Blue x1
    Asteroid Chair x2
    Camp Fire Frying Pan x1
    Bamboo Wall Divider Color Red x2
    Barrel Seat Color Brown x14
    Typhoon Lagoon Crate Color Blue x1
    Green Coffee Table Crate x3
    Pirate treasure Chest Color Brown x7
    Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Color Purple x3
    Pirates Treasure Chest Color Red x3
    Pirates Treasure Chest Color Green x1
    Velevet Room Rope Divider x14

    Pins And Magic
    Fireworks Magic x3 (One is two star)
    Pirate Attraction Pin 1/5 x1
    Teleportation magic x2
    Bat Magic x1
    Thrill Seekers Quest Pin x1

    Anyone Interested?
  2. QueenDuckie

    QueenDuckie Queen

    Jul 3, 2006
    Daily Bump! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  3. QueenDuckie

    QueenDuckie Queen

    Jul 3, 2006
    Daily bump!

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