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    Apr 10, 2006
    hi! I wondered if anybody has experience staying here...we hav e a 3 stage trip, one week in a villa on the gulf of mexico and 4 days in Caribean beach in disney, but we want a cheaper price for our other part of the stay to keep us within budget...we initiall liked nick suites but at $250 a night it is more than we want to spend and we probably wouldnt use facilities except for breakfast buffet- which is free at quality suites...we need a suite rather than just a room as we have 3 children. Its just a place to put our heads at night, but still we dont want it to actually be BAD!
    i stumbled across it on the internet and the rate is an impressive $130 including breakfast per night.
    If anybody has come across it or stayed there etc i would appreciate your comments- perhaps other suggestions on good budget suites too! thanks
    10 days to go!!!!!!!(yes we left it late!!!)

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