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    I normally wouldn't use a QS credit at breakfast, but we are going to have a few extra credits when we go next month... I know that we can get the bounty platter (or something similar) and a drink. But what if we want pastries or fruit? Are you able to get two pastries, or a pastry and fruit, plus a drink, for one QS credit?
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    According to most reports, at resorts you would be allowed to use a QS credit to purchase a continental breakfast, consisting of 1 baked good, 1 piece of fruit and a beverage.

    Whether you can get any other combination varies according to reports.

    Some places in the parks, like Main Street Bakery, you can also use a CS credit to purchase baked goods.
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    The best value for QS at breakfast is the Pepper Market buffet at Coronado Springs. Great selection with all the standard breakfast entrees and fruit and pastries.
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    Yes I agree. The breakfast buffet is VERY good considering its only 1 QS credit! :thumbsup2

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