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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by littleowensmommy, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Jul 24, 2004
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    Did anyone do this tour and book through VallartaOnline.com? We are sailing on 30 July and we booked through them back in April. It saved us $ and allowed us to bring our DD4. We have received confirmation that we are paid and full and reserved on this tour but I'm just wondering if anyone else had booked this way and if any problems were encountered. I read in a 9 July trip report that there were only DCL-booked passengers aboard the tour. Thanks!

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    Jul 2, 2005
    I was the one to write the July 9th post - personally, I think you will be fine. I just mention it because I read in another post that Disney was upset that there were other people on this tour on a previous sailing. So I just made note when we boarded that I didn't notice anyone not from Disney. I wish we could have booked outside of Disney as it was cheaper to do it direct, or with the company you are using. I think there is someone else out there (Liserann) that also has booked with the same company for your cruise. Lisa
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    I booked it through VallartaOnline and saved a bunch. I was worried I would not get off and find it in time so I spoke to shore excursions. THey were upset that I had been able to book it outside of Disney because they were supposed to have the boat to themselves. Take you conformation letter. I got off the ship and walked left - it is the next boat and you can see it from the shore excursion window. Walk to the boat with your ticket. I walked to the Marigalante check-in window and was told that no one could have a confirmation for the 9 AM sailing except Disney but when I showed them my confermation, they let us on - no problem. I think we booked before the hold was put on bookings for anyone other than Disney.
    On that note. I do not get motion sickness - I rarely get sick at all and I needed dramamine or something similar. Take it at least an hour before the sail begins. (We were unable to eat the free breakfast)The entire ship was sick and very unhappy the first 2 hours of the tour. THen they stop the boat and do a little show so your stomach will calm down for that. The beach is very soon after the show. You tender in on a little boat and they ask that you take only your necessities and leave everything else - so only take what you need. No bathrooms on island so wear your suit. Island is small and only part of it is open to you to use but they set up umbrellas and have a few chairs - grab one quick. Also the boogie boards are first come so grab one of those if you want one - although after awhile they become available again so we did get one eventually.
    Return trip the bonine I took finally kicked in and I ate the lunch - pretty good food and the ride did not make me feel awful (thanks to the medicine)
    It was a horrable beginning, a show the kids enjoyed but was hoaky and a pretty good lunch. I am glad I did it so I did not wonder what I had missed but I would never do it again!

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