Putting our dog down....right decision?


Aug 3, 2013
We have an appointment to put down our 15-18 yr (adopted between age 7-10)old yorkie-poo today. It's been really hard on me. He still follows me everywhere. He still eats and drinks and sleeps at night. I thought I would feel more confident that it was the right time. I keep talking myself in and out of it.

He has had a big decline in the last 6 months. He is not the same dog he was even a year ago. He can't see or hear anymore. This is making him very snippy and jumpy when anyone tries to pet him or help him up onto furniture. I have two young kids at home and he gets very spooked when they accidentally bump him or if they try to pet him. About 40% of the time he tumbles down steps or off the couch when trying to get up. At least 2x a week he throws up when I leave the house for even an hour. He has been having a lot more pooping accidents in the house too, even with people home.

The biggest thing for me was last weekend we were at the cabin which he used to love. He was struggling so much there. It's like he didn't know where he was at all. Kept bumping into walls and took a big tumble down about 12 stairs when he got half way up the staircase and walked right into the wall. We spend most the day outside and he was panicky the entire time we tried to let him out. He used to not need a leash but now he runs around in a panic trying to find me but he can't hear me call for him to help. I tried to chain him up but he was almost more panicked pulling as tight as possible to get off. At home he does ok but the reality is we are going to be on the go over the summer often and it seemed so hard on him.

He has a couple bumps and lumps on him now too that haven't been checked out yet. So maybe there is something more physically wrong with him we don't know about.

Telling others who have doggy sat for us recently nobody thinks we are doing it prematurely, they have all noticed a big change recently.

Another factor is that he is due for all him annual shots and check up. Discussing with my husband it just feels like before spending $300 on that stuff it might be time. We really can't see him lasting more than another year.

Sorry this is so long. I just thought knowing when it was the right time would be more obvious to me. Most of the blogs and things I read online of euthanizing have dogs who can't walk anymore or are having seizures. I also would rather have him go before he his suffering and confusion make him miserable.

I'm just looking for some encouragement or people who have made a similar decision.


Aug 3, 2004
This is a tough decision. Sending you gentle hugs. I don’t want to, or can’t tell you what to do. In your position, I believe I would euthanize at this time. My mother-in-law had to make that decision a few years back, based on almost the exact signs you are mentioning above. The vet explained that she loved her enough not to wait until she walked in to a seizure, or something of that nature.

Your dog is fortunate to have a loving family, and I’m sure you will make the right decision, albeit not an easy one


DIS Veteran
Aug 31, 1999
By now, you've probably done what you posted about. I was faced with this last summer. My dog was 18 years old and had declined so much and I was probably in denial. In the end, she had her front leg swell up for no reason, infections, couldn't walk, etc. I finally had to do it and it was so hard. She was with us for so long. To this day, even though I have a new pup, I really, really miss her.

I'm sure you're feeling really down and lonely today, but pretty soon the good memories will force out the bad ones and you'll think about the great times and relationship you had with your dog.

As you said above, it seems like when the time comes it would be so obvious. I have found that it is never an easy decision. Hope you are at peace today.


Jan 28, 2010
When we put our last dog down, she was 13. She had liver trouble (we think) and had a bad time the previous fall. We started a supplement for the liver and she got better - for about six months. Then, she started up with not eating, getting sick, etc., again! We could have spent hundreds of $$ on her to do tests, Xrays, etc., but she was 13 (larger dog than yorkie-poo)! It was just time. She was telling me that with her eyes (what she could see - she had glaucoma in one and cataracts, I'm sure!). It was very hard, but it was for the best in her situation.

Blessings to you. You know and it will be okay for all of you!


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