PsychoAlice's Disneyland pt1


Not nearly as Psycho as you think!
Jun 18, 2003
Well it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be to get Sean up and out of bed! The opposite happened. I set the clock of 5am Saturday morning. I didn’t hear it go off....Sean did. I woke up at 5:15am in a panic! “Sean the alarm didn’t go off!!” Sean groggily replied “Yes it did dear, I tried to wake you but you wouldn’t budge.” Figures I was sleeping like a rock the night before I was to go to my first love. Disneyland is the Mecca of my life. The place everything could be right again in my little world. Sean and I needed a little break from the reality we have been in. He’s leaving for the Sandbox in a few weeks. Was this trip to be more than I had hoped and dreamed? Did the fates have the same thoughts and plans I had? Or did they have a different deck of cards to deal me?
Well after last minute packing. Ok I lie. I did all of the packing that morning (yes I forgot stuff). We head down to the car. Everything’s in and if we have forgotten anything it will have to be bought while we are down there. Traffic wasn’t too bad for a really long weekend morning. It took about an hour and a half to get there. Did you know that Disneyland is 109.8 miles away from my doorstep? Well I do now! Sean had purchased the passports on base thru MWR on base for $42.50 each. We got the Southern California 2 for 1 pass. So we pay our 8.00 parking pass. We are parked in Mickey & Friends parking in the Pinocchio section. Dang it I want to park in the worlds largest parking structure! Oh well I’m here now and I want to get on the tram and get inside the gates! Weeeee! I love this ride! The feeling of so many people before me, how many of them were as excited as me, how many of them shared my love too, I am day dreaming. “Sarah, get out of the tram we are here.” There she is, the long line of silly Southern California locals standing in line to get there 2 for 1 pass. NEENER, NEENER, NEENER! We don’t have to stand in line!!! Ok that was just mean I know. But we do have to wait in line to get IN the park! It wasn’t too bad really. A quick look over of my backpack and hand the Cast Member my passport and I was in the park!
The bubble over Disneyland showed it was to be another beautiful Southern California day. The temperature was to be 67 degrees during the day with big fluffy clouds. Did the Disney Cast Members know I was coming home? Did they do this for me? I love Main Street with all of its beautiful flowers. And the smell. Disneyland has its own smell to it. I think Cast Members put something in the air to make all of your worries go away. I swear there are an over abundance of Happy flowers today!
I called Sean and my friend Cindy who was coming up from San Diego to see where she was. She had just reached the world’s largest parking structure. She’ll be there in about 20 minutes. She needs to get her ticket. Today was a blackout date for Southern California Season pass holders. Thank goodness she didn’t need to wait in the massive 2 for 1 line! This is Sean and my first time meeting her. We met her on our other message board we belong to. It’s a military support board. The message board is for significant others to reach out during deployments and the crazy life that follows living a military life. Cindy’s husband just left a few weeks ago to play in the Sandbox. She needs this trip as much as we do. Well she finally got to the meeting spot. I saw her just as she was crossing under the tunnel of the train station. She had on her Jack Skellington shirt! I love this woman already! We give out our hugs and smiles and start talking about stuff right away. Cindy is a former Marine. Hardly anyone was there at that time.
Well we are off to The River Belle Terrace, in New Orleans Square where Walt would have oatmeal and coffee every morning he was in the park, to have Mickey Mouse pancakes. OK so I had Mickey Mouse pancakes! They had regular pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage. Grown ups they are, how boring is that? They had more to eat and I was antsy! So we finish our breakfast. Now it was time to ride stuff right? Haha, nope we begin our tour of the smoking sections. This one is right on The River of America. Across the way is Tom Sawyer’s Island. There is 1 bench, a trash can, and a beautiful view. And no trees.
Well after we finished our smoke break we head to the best ride in the park, The Haunted Mansion! My quest for Maynard begins. I ask the closest Cast Member I could find. Maynard no longer works at The Haunted Mansion. Bummer! Well we are brought into the first room and the spiel starts playing. I know it word for word. Cindy is giggling at me for knowing it. Sean is not surprised. We are lead into the stretching room. At Disneyland it’s an elevator that takes you down under the Mansion. So that spiel starts and I'm saying it word for word. I do let our ghost host ask us to find a way out and he kids us about his way. I scream at the top of my lungs, the best blood curdling scream imaginable. This always amuses people. We head toward our Doom Buggy. You know the Cast Member that helps people get into their Doom Buggy on the conveyor belt walks about 7 miles a day standing in the same spot? Whew! I want that job! Well after our ghost follows us home, and we enjoyed the swinging wake, and the bride tells us to hurry back we head over to Pirates of the Caribbean. I wonder if Jack Sparrow is around, we kid ourselves. Again another ride I know the whole narrative to. I think Sean and Cindy have come to realize that I am obsessed. We make it out of there without sinking with Davy Jones locker and without the Redhead. Sean has enough company with Redheads; he’s hanging out with 2! How lucky can one man get! I love how Disney exits you into shops, Pieces of Eight and then the Jack Skellington store.
Neither Sean nor Cindy has ever been to Tom Sawyer’s Island so we get on the Tom Sawyer raft and head over there. I guess the Becky Thatcher is out of commission for the day. We explore Injun Joe’s cave and run in and out of the hidden caves. Sean takes a different route and scares the bejebers out of me. I guess he wanted to know if I can really scream like I did in The Haunted Mansion in real life. Yep proved him I could! We all start laughing; it’s great to feel like a kid again. Sean took a picture of Disney’s smallest bathroom. There were only 2 stalls in each one and hardly enough room to turn around in. In the background is Thunder Mountain. Heal soon my friend. I want you around for many more years to come. I miss your crazy adventure thru mine shafts. I hope someone is giving the goat more than dynamite to chew on. It’s really sad what happened to the guy who lost his life there. I wish him the best in his afterlife. So we finish exploring Tom Sawyer’s Island, taking pictures of the beautiful waterfalls that litter the island and climb in and out of the tree house there, jumping on the suspended bridge that I wasn’t suppose to Rock or Sway, Also the pontoon bridge where I almost ended up in the water trying to launch either Cindy or Sean into the rivers of America. It’s Funny how things turn out.
Well we survived and marveled in the flora and fauna of Tom Sawyer’s Island. We head back to Frontierland for another stop at the smoky treat ride. As you can see this trip is going to be a tour of the smoking areas. As we are there they are starting to back the Sailing Ship Columbia. Man, does this thing need and overhaul! Walt would turn over in his grave if he saw this! Paint is chipping and boards are cracked along the side of the boat! Of course, I had Sean take picture of it! Well we head out of Frontierland and into Fantasyland. Along the Rivers of America we find the Koi fish living there waiting for someone to drop some popcorn. No love for Doctor Jones today fish. Maybe a kid will drop some in!
We walk thru Fantasyland taking in all the colors that only Fantasyland can pull of. And what do my roving eyes see? My goodness its Alice, The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and the Tweedles! At this point I almost wet my pants I was so excited. See in all my visits to Disneyland I have NEVER had my picture taken with Alice. She is truly my hero. I think she is the only female Disney Character without a love interest. Relying on her new found friends to help along her journeys. Little girls can learn a lot from Alice. Well I'm standing there waiting for my turn for a picture and Tweedle Dee is all alone. So I take this opportunity to have my picture taken with him. After that the Queen of Hearts is all alone. Sean says “Get in there and let me take your picture” I become petrified and tell him “No, she scares me” At that moment she grabs me and hugs me! I pose in an embarrassed hands in face stance. Thanks Queen for doing that! Well it’s my turn to pose with Alice and the Mad Hatter! I couldn’t be more elated than if I were 6 years old again! And my face shows it! Alice is very charming and extremely short! Shorter than I am! I love you Alice!!
We head off to the Mad Hatter to try on silly hats. I really tried to get Sean to buy himself the Mad Hatter hat so someday we can dress up as Alice and The Mad Hatter! He doesn’t so it! Maybe a gift for Halloween next year! We then decided it was time to get “it’s a small world” out of the way. As much as people dislike this ride it is a must to do at least once. As we are heading over there, there is a guy selling balloons. Sean tells me to hug him. Too late Cindy already is! Yea she’s cool! She fits in well with our twisted bunch! Sean and Cindy agree with each other that “it’s a small world” would be much improved is they would make it into a skeet range. Well we survive the evil dolls and get the song out of our head. Or so Sean thinks. As we head over to Fantasyland’s smoky treat area the cell phone rings. HAHAHAHA Evil girlfriend at work! I changed the ringer to play “it’s a small world”. It’s our friend Natalie from Wisconsin. Making sure we are having a marvelous time and to say she’s jealous!
It’s time to head to Tomorrowland where we decide to ride Star Tours. I ask for the flight to Tatooine. Dang it I just missed it! Oh well off to Endor! I see that the pilot is one I’ve had before and get quite nervous and tell him he better not mess up like last time. But of course he does! We barely survive our close encounters with the dreaded Death Star to realize that its time for our fastpass with Splash Mountain! We survive the Briar Patch to come to the realization that Brer Bear gets caught up in the most interesting positions! I really like the new logs for Splash Mountain. At Disney World you are side by side. At Disneyland you are front to back. Now with each person having their own space!
We walk back thru New Orleans Square. I point out Club 33 to Sean and I have a picture taken of me at the door. I’d really like to cough up the $10,000 and get on the 12 year waiting list to become a member. We head back thru Adventureland to get on the Jungle Boats. This is where the Cast Member from The Haunted Mansion told me where Maynard is working now. Maynard is not working today. BUMMER! So I guess that ends my quest for the infamous Maynard. Maybe I’ll catch him some other time. I make the same jokes as our tour guide does. OK so maybe I am obsessed. I know way too much about this park! Off to the Tiki Room! I see my friends Jose, Pierre, Michael, and Fritz have yet to escape. I like the original show much better than the one at Disney World. But the Tiki Room is in need of some major refurb!
We head over to Mickey’s Toon Town. Oh My! What a crowded mess!! We take just a few pictures (Sean took a picture of Chip and Dale’s (dale is the one with the red nose) Tree house sign. He has doctored it up to say Chuck and Dave hahahaha!!) and head back thru to the front of the park to run to the car to get our jackets and upload the 200 pictures we had taken already to the laptop……
okey .....obsessed.......maybe.....just a tad......but all DIsney nuts are like this........thanks again off bill with bonus or go to CA and visit DL. Disneyland has a special place in me heart as well, used to visit at least once a summer as a weee lad. *arr* (Pirate sigh)

darrrrren pirate:
LOL when anyone say arrr in our house it automaticly becomes talk like a pirate day!! hehe


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