Princess Weekend 2023 (Feb 23-26, 2023)


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Jan 11, 2011
My husband and I are in for the half only. Finished registering by 10:17am. Glad that's done, now just hoping my Friday night value studio at Animal Kingdom comes through (Saturday night came through a few weeks ago). We are flying down Friday and back home after the race Sunday. Not ideal, but when you're begging people to watch 4 kids you take what you can get!


Oct 28, 2021
THIS WAS CRAZY STRESSFUL! My youngest DD turns 10 on 2/23, so after lots of errors and weird snafus with the page, I finally was able to register me, her and DD13 for the 5K. She really wanted to do this for her b-day so I'm happy about that. Then I went to register me for the challenge, and every time I got to the last "click to pay" screen after entering my CC, it wouldn't do anything - just frozen. I took this as a sign, as I didn't know if I really wanted to run all 3 mornings, so I went back and just registered for the half, and that went through. So we have 3 doing the 5k, and me doing the half. I'll take it!


Oct 15, 2015
I wonder if they lowered the number of people that could register at a time. That would extend the queue times, but might take some pressure off the system.

Entirely possible. I'd say given the timeframes in which things sold out, and their historical sell out rate compared to other weekends, I don't think they did any type of lowering of people registering at one moment compared to the last two weekend registrations. But we just don't know either way. It's certainly possible though.

*ETA - Actually thinking about it, we could look at how long queues lasted. For WD it's been 37 & 41 min, and for MW it's been 21 & 34 min. For Princess 2022 it was 21 min. But for Princess 2023 it was at least 53 min. So that's the longest the queue has lasted since this system was implemented.

One oddity this go around, all my profile information filled automatically from my account, except it defaulted gender to female, despite it being set correctly in my account. No idea why that would be.

I had the same thing. And given that it was an "uneditable" post-registration it was a little nerve wracking to see that switched on me as I was filling everything in.


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Oct 14, 2019
Interesting that the stopped asking about AP/DVC status when registering. I know it never meant anything during general registration, but assumed they were using it for some kind of research since they always asked. I'm just happy there were fewer selections to have to make while registering!
I noticed that too, but was in too much of a hurry to stop and wonder


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