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    Dec 23, 2004
    Just thought I'd share, I had my dd's, who is turning 5 years old tomorrow, birthday party on Saturday. I used a local princess party (GTA) place I found online. The princess was amazing. She was a flower princess and she had a beautiful singing voice. Originally my dd wanted Cinderella which I looked into but every picture I showed her on the net of a "Cinderella" she replied, "that is not Cinderella" She is spoiled by the WDW characters. There was no convincing her otherwise and since Cinderella was busy that day, I opted for a princess she couldn't compare. It was a fabulous idea and the party was a great success. I made princess wands, had a parade and then she arrived. She did make-up and dancing, games and stories and gave my dd a present. She came with all her props and of course a tiara. I had the girls dress up in their princess gowns and we had heart shaped sandwiches, it was truly magical. I am not sure if I can post the company name so I won't just in case but if you want to know pm me and I will let you know. I highly recommend them, as stated I was thrilled and more importantly, my dd and her friends loved her. princess:

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