priceline reject


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Mar 21, 2001
well 2 months away and rental cars are still outrageous. Figured i'd give priceline a shot, 17/day for full size, no luck of course. Even at that price with all the taxes and junk the price would have been well into 200's. Maybe i'll try 18 tomorrow and see what happens
I did 15.00 for an intermediate and it was accepted and when I got to Avis to pick it up they upgraded us to a Monte Carlo (full size). Total for the week, including priceline's fee, 146. plus change.
Try hotwire, I was able to get 17.99 a day on a standard car through Hertz for Easter weekend. I bid about 3 weeks ago and at that time all my priceline bids up to 20.00 a day were rejected.

is hotwire basically the same as priceline? When i even attempted priceline there was a message saying that bid would most likely not be accepted and it was leading me towards 25/day.
Priceline said the same about my 15.00 bid, but, I submitted it anyway. was accepted by Avis.


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