Priceline $50 Airline Ticket Bonus Money Is Back

Thanks a bunch!
These come in so handy!


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I was able to get Detroit to MCO for $150 for March/April. Thanks again! ºoº

Just received confirmation from Priceline for travel 6/16 to Tampa thru US Air for $100 plus the $50 dollar bonus money. I didn't even have to fill out anything to receive the bonus money.
Thanks for the head up on Priceline. I got 150.00 plus the 50.00 priceline bonus (total 200) from Charlotte to ElPaso TX. I have never gotten below 200.oo for a flight and with that have had to drive to Atlanta(5 hour drive) or Raliegh (3 hour drive) to get that deal. With tax and fees etc it came to 175.95 which is still well below 200.oo (without tax and fees) that I have gotten in the past using specials. Thanks again!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

I followed your link and low and behold got $100.00 RT fare for Orlando this November. I can't believe it. I was budgeting $1300.00 for four of us to fly. Thanks to you, all four of us are flying US Air for $504.30 (with taxes and processing fee). The $50 bonus money sure came in handy. I'll be thinking of you while I spend some of my savings on maybe a spa treatment? Can't wait.

To each of you who has benefited from the bonus money, as I asked realpatt by email since I had access to her email address, it would really be great if you would post your winning bid info. to the board I host. People love reading about airline ticket winning bids, especially when they are as great as yours are. Realpatt has already posted to my board, although Realpatt, if you see this, there are a couple of responses, so it would be great if you come back and reply to them.

As I've said repeatedly here, Priceline isn't for everyone, but if you have the flexibility required when using Priceline, you can save a bundle of $$$.


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